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Time for some corn! Sweet, firm, juicy grains can be cooked, grilled, baked and added to salads. Try our corn recipes.

Pocorn on the cobwe most often reach… the beach. We are not so eager to invite them to our kitchen. That's why we sometimes don't know how to cook them. And that's the easiest way to make delicious corn. Piotr Murawski, the chef of Knorr, comes to the rescue.

- First, peel the corn on the cob from the husks and hair. We put it in water at a temperature of about 90 degrees. It only takes about 10 minutes for it to soften. Do not s alt the water, because the corn will be hard. After taking it out of the boiling water, we can sprinkle it with olive oil and it's ready! - emphasizes Piotr Murawski.

As the cook advises, we can also cook corn in milk - it will be soft and delicate. And when we add a little more honey to the milk … delicious! After cooking, the corn can also be baked in the oven. It must be served warm.


How to grill corn on the cob?

Time to finally try grilled corn. This taste is worth recommending! How to prepare such a corn? The case looks very simple.

- You can pre-boil it in water or milk and then just grill it for a few seconds on each side and pour olive oil - reveals the Knorr chef, Piotr Murawski. - An alternative is to sprinkle the raw flasks with oil and wrap them in aluminum foil. This corn will be ready after a few minutes of grilling on each side. And we have the opportunity to admire the delicacy of the people of America - grilled corn!

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Mini cornis usually pickled. It is a frequent ingredient in Mexican cuisine. The amount of nutritional value in mini maize is comparable to that of sweetcorn.

Yellow, creamy - corn soups

We can also prepare delicious, appetizing yellow cream soups from corn. They are characterized by a slightly sweet taste that can be broken with pepper, onion, nutmeg, and even curry and lemon juice. Corn soups will look great when decorated with green parsley.


Corn: fresh or canned?

In the summer we can give up the pickled corn used in salads and as an addition to other dishes, replacing it with fresh vegetable seeds. It will certainly enrich the taste of Chinese cabbage salad with corn, classic gyros salad or chicken stew with corn.

Also, when reaching for Mexican recipes, you should be tempted with fresh corn. Then the taste of the dishes will be closer to the original delicacies served overseas. There is no shortage of options: burritos, Mexican chicken under the quilt, and all kinds of tortillas. Corn irreplaceable in them!


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We owe the popularity of maizeto the people of the Americas. The richness of its applications was already appreciated by the Maya and the Aztecs. It was not only the basis of their cuisine, but also played a significant role in their beliefs. The Mayans believed that the gods formed people from …corn cake .

Today, more than one American film shows heroes crusty corn on the cob. It is also an indispensable ingredient of local cuisines in South America, including Peruvian ones. Europeans also love corn - Italians lovepolenta , corn grits made with olive oil, seasoned with garlic, and Romanian cuisine is famous formamałygiprepared with corn grits . It's time to appreciate maize also in Poland!

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