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"Speck" or smoked ham is a regional South Tyrolean product, entered on the EU list of products with a Protected Geographical Indication. Only here, at the meeting point of Mediterranean and Alpine cultures, could this unique method of smoking ham be developed.

In the lives of South Tyrolean people, "Speck", orsmoked ham , has played an important role since time immemorial. The first records come from the 13th century, from the period of the Tyrolean dukes. For the residents ofof Tirol, smoked meatswere the only way to stock up on meat for the winter to provide energy for hard work in the field.

Cool and dry mountain air and the skill of food preservation perfected over the centuries in the Mediterranean and Northern Europe have become the ideal prerequisites for the production of spicy "Speck". As time passed, methods of food preservation became more and more perfect.

Chilled smoked South Tyrolean ham

The traditional order of preparation is still followed - from the leg trimming to the maturation lasting several weeks. At the beginning of the process, after the leg is trimmed, it is "stained" with the use of individual mixtures of spices for the pickle (their recipe is passed down through the generations), which, apart from s alt and pepper, contain only natural herbs such as bay leaf, rosemary and juniper. In order for the spices to be evenly absorbed into the meat, it is systematically turned over for three weeks in a cool room.
Low-resin wood is used in the smoking process, and the temperature must not exceed 20 ° C, so that the meat's pores do not close. This is to produce the mildest possible aroma.

The maturing process begins only after smoking. Depending on the final weight of the leg, this process takes an average of 22 weeks. During this time, it is stored in the air at a temperature of 15 ° C and a humidity of 60% to 90%. During the ripening process, a thin layer of mold bloom forms on the thigh, which guarantees even maturation inside the ham. This prevents it from drying out too quickly and produces that particular flavor of walnuts and fresh porcini mushrooms which distinguishes South Tyrol's 'Speck' from all other types of raw ham. After maturation is completethe mold layer is removed.


Nutritional value per 100g:

31.37 g protein
23.30 g fat
0.50 g carbohydrate
335.31 s alt kcal
not more than 5% s alt

The ham is tasty, because it's proven

In 1996, South Tyrol's "Speck" was entered on the EU list of products with a Protected Geographical Indication (PGI). This EU seal of quality is awarded only to products that are manufactured in South Tyrol using traditional manufacturing technology, under uniform conditions and under control according to international standards. Together with the independent controlling institution INEQ (Istituto Nord Est Qualita) from San Daniele, Consortium Südtiroler Speck has created a comprehensive control system that is oriented towards the standards of products with the highest quality image on the market - Parma and San Daniele.

Each producer is visited on average twice a week by one of the four full-time inspectors. Only lean pork hams made from wholesome meat according to the specification are used as raw material. The specification concerns, among other things, the breed of pigs, the feed used and the proper breeding of animals, their transport and slaughter. In addition, the weight, temperature and PH value of the legs are checked, as well as all other properties essential for the optimal quality of the 'Specku'. Before it reaches consumers, its smell, taste, s alt content, fat to lean meat ratio and maturation time are examined. Only after meeting all the conditions, the product receives the Speck g.g.A. quality mark, which is burned on the leather.

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