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Fish can be prepared in many ways: cook whole, in bells, bake, fry or eat it cold. Which is the he althiest way? What spices are suitable for fish and what to serve them with?

How to prepare fish to be the he althiest? It is best to steam them, stew them, grill them or bake them in the oven (e.g. in foil) or fry them in a grill pan with a little fat. Fish prepared in this way are juicy and aromatic, easy to digest and retain all the nutrients.

Cooking fish

• The fish can be cooked whole, bells, rolls or fillets. • The whole fish is cooked with the back side up over low heat so that it does not disintegrate, the water temperature should not exceed 80 ° C. • In turn, the fish in pieces should be cooked over high heat, then it is firmer. ) per liter of water. Hot (e.g. Dutch, mushroom, lemon, caper) or cold (tartar, mustard, cumberland) sauces are suitable for cooked fish.

Baking fish

• You can bake both fillets and whole fish - it tastes great when stuffed with fresh herbs, mushrooms or fish mass. • Roasted fish goes well with garlic, mayonnaise, caper, hot tomato and herb butter. • You can also prepare a dish that is a combination of fillets and ground fish mass - timbalah, plantain, roulades. • The fish are suitable for meatballs, roasts, medallions as well as for pizzas and casseroles.

Grilling fish

• The fish can be grilled whole or in the form of fillets - but with the skin (the skin will protect the fish from falling apart). Larger fillets, such as salmon, can be marinated in advance (in olive oil, lemon or orange juice and your favorite fresh herbs). If you are grilling fillets, you do not have to turn them over. • The taste of grilled fish will be enhanced by adding lemon juice, a bit of butter or good quality olive oil.

Watch the video - a recipe for a delicious grilled salmon.

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Fish can be eaten raw

• Raw fish can be eaten not only in formsushi - raw salmon or trout tartare tastes great. Condition: the fish must be as fresh as possible.

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Source: Dzień Dobry TVN / x-news

Frying fish

• Fried, and especially breaded, they are more caloric and difficult to digest (60-70% of the fat goes from the pan to the fish). • If you want to prepare the fish like this, do it in olive oil or rapeseed oil, well-heated - then the fish will absorb less fat.

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How to get rid of the smell of fish?

Sea fish, especially herring, have a distinctive pungent smell that you can get rid of:» Sprinkle the washed fish with lemon juice, refrigerate it for an hour »soak the fish in milk for 2 hours» rub the raw fish with herbs or cover with chopped lemon, celery or parsley and refrigerate for 1-2 hours.

Fantastic - cold fish, pickled fish, fish stock

• Fish tastes great cold. • They are made into mousses, terrines, they are delicious in jelly and in salads. • Aromatic fish stock is used to prepare various soups and sauces. • Fish can also be marinated in vinegar.

Which herbs are suitable for fish?

Fish go well with thyme, rosemary, tarragon, coriander, marjoram, dill, garlic and parsley.


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