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How to make Easter dishes easy to digest? Just swap pork for turkey, and mayonnaise for yogurt with dill and a little mustard. Nutritionists warn that the problem with keeping a diet during Christmas is not due to the number of dishes, but to the size of the portion. Better to leave a bit of a hunger. The feeling of oversaturation takes away the joy of Easter.

How to make this year'sEastermoreeasy to digestthan the previous one? Polish cuisine is often not conducive to he althy eating - there is a lot, fat and hard on the festive table. All the nutrients contained in meats, bigos, mayonnaises and mazurkas are necessary for the proper functioning of the body, but it is worth controlling their amount, because they must be supplied in the right amounts.

Don't overeat before Easter

Tradition can help your diet - on Friday, a fasting day, eat little. Saturday is not Easter yet - even if most of the dishes are ready, keep it until Sunday. A clear boundary for the start of Christmas will also have a positive effect on your weight. Easter is a period when you can indulge yourself a bit, provided that we quickly return to the previously established rules and habits. Two days without strictly following the diet will not cause your weight to skyrocket.

Easter way to control the amount of food

There is a lot to choose from on the Easter table. A large selection of dishes helps to control the amount of calories consumed more easily. It's a good idea to put everything you plan to eat on the plate - this will allow you to estimate the amount of food for a given meal. Treats we want to eat in small portions - it's a way to protect yourself from uncontrolled amounts of eaten food. Let's also give up additives (bread, groats, potatoes) - thanks to this we will save hundreds of unnecessary calories.

Let's eat slowly. Since we don't have to rush, let's savor the taste. It is also necessary to make gaps between meals. Before eating, drink herbal tea or lemon water - the liquid will fill your stomach and reduce your appetite.

Prepare your own food - you will know what you are eating

Easter dishes prepared by yourself are importanteasily digestible property. Control over the ingredients of the prepared dishes allows you to use a few simple tricks to eliminate unnecessary fat and calories, e.g.

  • When frying in a Teflon pan, you do not need to use oil, thanks to which the chops will not be soaked in fat
  • Choose baking over frying;
  • Replace pork with turkey breast - it is more easily digestible;
  • Instead of mayonnaise and cream sauces for eggs, serve yoghurts with dill, horseradish and mustard;
  • Replace the purchased drinks and juices with water and herbal teas in any quantity, they have several times less calories than carbonated and sweetened drinks.

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