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Nosocomial compensation will be easier for you if you seek the help of an experienced lawyer. He will also help you determine the exact amount to be included in the lawsuit. It is important that such compensation for a nosocomial infection (as well as other medical malpractice) can consist of three types of benefits: compensation, monetary compensation and annuity

Nosocomial infection(as well as for any other medical error) should in principle be calculated individually. When calculating it, it is necessary to take into account how seriously the patient suffered physically and mentally as a result of nosocomial infection and what financial costs were incurred as a result.

Nosocomial infection compensation: general rules for calculating

The amount of compensation for nosocomial infection (and any other medical error) should take into account any financial loss incurred by the patient due to incorrect treatment. The patient may request reimbursement, inter alia, costs:

  • buying drugs,
  • further treatment, reversing the effects of the error,
  • access to the hospital,
  • additional medical examinations and visits,
  • using a special diet,
  • adapting the apartment to a disability resulting from a medical malpractice,
  • preparation for another profession.

Amount of monetary compensation for nosocomial infection

The injured patient may also demand payment of compensation for non-pecuniary damage (harm). Compensation is intended to compensate for the physical and mental suffering (pain, stress, fear, distress, etc.) which resulted from nosocomial infection. The amount of monetary compensation for harm depends on the circumstances of a specific case, and is influenced by the size of the suffering and its duration.

Nosocomial infection: patient's pension

If, due to a nosocomial infection, the patient suffered a permanent he alth impairment, which requires systematic costs over a long period of time, the injured patient may also claim the payment of a monthly pension.

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