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Vacationing with a granddaughter is a great experience, especially for grandparents making their debut as vacation guardians. A successful holiday with a young child should be well thought out so that both adults and children will come back refreshed and relaxed. Here are 3 selected places where the little one will not be bored even for a moment, and the grandparents will remember the time spent together with joy.

1. Apfelhof, Lutzmannsburg in Austria

Lutzmannsburg, known as a children's paradise, is located in Burgenland, a federal state in the eastern part of Austria. It is a little-known departure destination in our country, perhaps because we mainly go skiing or visiting Vienna to Austria. Known as the land of the sun, this lowland land boasts 2,000 hours of sunshine a year!

The climate here is mild, dry, almost Mediterranean. And the charming town of Lutzmannsburg is only an hour and a half by car from Vienna. The family-run guesthouse Apfelhof (belonging to the Urlaub am Bauernhof association, which brings together the most attractive agritourism farms) here offers all the amenities for children: baby food, prams, nappies, cots and bath tubs.

There is a place to play outside, because there is a mini-zoo, horse farm, bicycle rental - also adapted for children. Guests have at their disposal a garden around the guesthouse, a kitchen and a terrace. Importantly, all these places are safe, and the playroom is monitored, so when the kids are playing, adults can relax.

Right next to it is a complex of several thermal pools with slides (including the longest in Austria). Children of all ages will find safe play here, and grandparents will find relaxation, e.g. in the sauna, spa treatments or in swimming pools intended only for them. There is also a climbing wall, a trampoline, a huge sandbox and much more.

The pools are within walking distance (300 m), but the guesthouse offers a lift on request. There is a rope park in the area with paths for children and adults. Burgenland is a paradise for cyclists: 2,500 km of paths invite you to go on a trip, and their well-thought-out location is conducive to relaxation. Usually they run away from the road, among fields and meadows, and along them there are benches, there are cherry trees that bend with fruit in summer.

There are still 45 km of skating paths and tracksspa services for small children in prams. The absence of frosts creates ideal conditions for the cultivation of vines, which is why the region is famous for its wonderful wines. It is worth, leaving the children under professional care, to visit one of the vineyards and taste these drinks.

2. Platinum, Ostróda in Masuria

Located in the center of Ostróda, a few minutes' walk from the lake (one of 15 in the immediate vicinity), the facility received the Family Friendly Hotel certificate. Indeed, children are the most important in this hotel - the staff do everything to make their stay safe and full of unforgettable impressions. You will find amenities here at every step - from the possibility of free rental of children's equipment such as a bathtub or an anti-slip mat, security for plug sockets and windows, through coloring books and bathrobes for toddlers, to plastic tableware, warmers for baby food or paper bibs.

In the restaurant equipped with chairs and swings, which offers an extensive children's menu, when the youngest are finished eating, there is also an animation waiting for the adults to finish their meal in peace. From the hotel, an underground passage leads to the aquapark, where there are various swimming pools: children's tiles, a wild river for older children, swimming pools, recreational ones with hydro massages, jacuzzi, saunas and steam rooms.

There is also a play center with a soft cave, a ball pool, and a room for kids - with educational mats and a changing table. Older kids can play mega-scrabble or consoles. There is also a bicycle rental with child seats, film screenings, workshops, competitions and performances are organized.

Children left with the babysitter can be watched by grandparents on the inner channel in their room. In the hotel's spa, the youngest guests are also welcome, special treatments, masks, manicures and temporary tattoos are prepared for them. When time permits, it is worth taking a hotel motorboat excursion, a boat trip on the surrounding lakes, kayak rental, water ski lift, tennis courts, golf course, horse studs, Nordic walking routes or simply visit the Teutonic castle in Ostróda.

3. Rosevia Resort, Rozewie in Kashubia

The facility is beautifully situated in a 200-year-old forest, in the vicinity of one of the most beautiful cliffs in Poland, near the beach and the Rozewie Lighthouse. It is certified as a Child-Friendly Accommodation Facility. The proximity of delightful nature will make grandparents find relaxation and tranquility here, and the children will not be bored.

The rooms are well-equipped and the cots, changing table, bathtub,bottle warmer, air humidifier, contact protection and other amenities available on request. Little guests have at their disposal a playroom with games, toys, a ball pool, and the animator engages kids in developing games.

It is also possible to leave the child with the babysitter. There is the largest playground in Pomerania, incl. with a trampoline, slide, climbing wall and playground. It has a European safety certificate. Older kids can play on consoles. Numerous art classes, film screenings and animations await the guests. There is a tennis court, swimming pools, a garden with relaxation areas with sun loungers and hammocks. You can rent a bicycle (also for children or with a child seat) and use the coastal and forest paths.

Worth knowing

When a child has motion sickness

Unpleasant symptoms are best prevented. Before the trip, your child should eat a small meal, but not drink too much. When driving for a long time, he can eat fruit and light snacks (no sweets), drink water or tea (avoid carbonated drinks). He should be seated in a forward-facing position, in a reclined position, with his head supported, in the least exposed position.

The belt must not touch the baby's belly or neck (it should run lower). Frequent stops are important to let your little one get some fresh air. In case of unpleasant symptoms, deep breathing, sucking ginger candies and inhaling essential oils from basil, mint or lemon balm will help (sprinkle the oil on a handkerchief and let the toddler smell). Do not be upset, because stress will affect your child and only make him feel worse.

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