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Dermatologists warn: sunbathing babies is forbidden, and children under three years of age should not be exposed to the sun at all without adequate protection - sunscreen, baseball caps or brimmed hat.

Babies and young children must be absolutely protected from the sun- it would seem that parents already know this, and yet every year thousands of kids with skin brown from the sun run along the B altic beaches. Parents either do not use sunscreen at all or use too little and too rarely. Meanwhile, proper protection is the basis for he althy skin in the future. It's trivial but true: the skin remembers every ray of sunlight that has ever reached it. This is especially true for babies who have very delicate, immature epidermis. A quarter of an hour in full sun is enough for redness and even sunburn, which may cause skin cancer in the future. Dermatologists have calculated that a double skin burn in childhood increases the risk of developing melanoma tenfold. Therefore, the toddler must be protected from the sun with extreme care.

Baby sunscreen with filter

Sun cream protects against the sun most effectively. Children can only be lubricated with cosmetics with a mineral filter - this type of filter does not penetrate the skin, but creates a layer on it that reflects UV rays like a shield. The higher the protective factor of the cream, the better - creams with a factor of 50+ are recommended for children under three years of age, older children can be lubricated with cream with SPF 30. If you want to be sure that the cosmetic is safe, choose one that has the approval of the Institute Mother and Child. Do not buy cosmetics that protect only against UVB: protection against UVA is also important, because it is these rays that are responsible for genetic mutations that cause skin cancer

Lubricating the baby's skin

The first application should take place a few minutes before leaving the house. The next ones - every two hours, because the cream rubs off when the toddler is fidgeting and when you take it on your hands, and the filter contained in it decomposes under the influence of sunlight. The amount of cream also matters: the more you apply it, the more confident it will bethe skin is properly protected. Lubricate not only places exposed to the sun - also parts of the body covered with clothing, as some of the rays reach the skin through the fabric. Carefully apply the cream to the ears, nose and neck - these are places particularly exposed to sunburn. If your toddler has pigmented spots on their skin, protect them with a cream with a high filter or a special nevus stick - burned ones can turn from benign to malignant at a later age.


Filters and vitamin D

Under the influence of the sun, the skin produces vitamin D, necessary for the proper development of bones and teeth and the absorption of calcium and phosphorus. Do not be afraid that the cream with a high filter will block the synthesis of this vitamin in the skin, because no cosmetic product blocks radiation in one hundred percent. In addition, the right amount of vitamin D is produced in the skin after just a quarter of an hour of walking in the shade. Finally - babies get vitamin D supplement in drops, so the baby will certainly not run out of it.

Protecting the baby's head from the sun

A good cream is only half of an anti-sun protective shield. Its other elements are the pram's canopy and a special umbrella, which will protect the toddler from the scorching sun during the walk. You do not need to put a cap on the stroller - it is hot under the raised booth and the toddler will overheat immediately. On hot days, try not to go outside with your child between 11.00 and 15.00, when the sun is scorching the most, and walk with him in the shade - along a tree-lined park alley or a shady side of the street. The matter is simple if the child is not yet walking. But when your toddler takes steps with confidence and has a taste of freedom, it is difficult to ensure that he is in the shade during a walk. Therefore, protect it with appropriate clothing and wear a wide-brimmed hat on the head or a cap with a visor and a special neck cover.

ABC of sunbathing with a baby

Even with a small child, you can safely go to the sea or the lake. A few months old toddler can be on the beach - not all day, of course. It is usually a bit cooler by the water than in the city, and at the seaside, the child also inhales iodine. However, be careful with the temperature - overheating your toddler's head can lead to a stroke (symptoms include fever, vomiting, headache). If it's hot outside, wait until it gets cooler before sunbathing. Besides, on the beach you have to be careful about the sun, because the rays reflect both on the water and on the sand. Therefore, smear the baby with high-filter cream, even if he is lying in a pram covered with an umbrella. For a toddler who is not yet walking, you can buy a beach tent. It is a mat covered with a roof, sometimes withattached mascots. Apply cream every two hours and every time you leave the water (even if the cosmetic is waterproof). Also, remember to thoroughly wipe your child with a towel (because water drops on the skin act like lenses, attracting the rays). The head of a child running on the beach should be covered with a baseball cap. It is also a good idea to buy him a special suit made of a fabric that protects against UV rays (they can be found in some children's clothing stores). Older children should wear sunglasses. Doctors do not recommend them for younger children, who are not yet one year old, because light is necessary for the proper development of the organ of vision. Go to the optician to get your glasses - do not buy them at a stall, because then there is no guarantee that they actually have filters.

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