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Pregnant skin should always be especially taken care of. But in winter, a pregnant woman needs extra protection. Frost and wind are a heavy burden for the skin. Check out how to take care of your pregnant skin in winter.

A hormone swing can make your skin react to winter differently now than ever before. As? It is an individual matter. In some women it will start to dry out excessively, in others it will react with irritations, in others it will be difficult to dilate blood vessels. In any case, however, it is worth following the rules that will allow the skin to survive this difficult period.

In winter during pregnancy: moisturize your skin

Pregnant skin usually dries out, which is favored by excess estrogen. In winter, this process may intensify. The skin contains several times more cold receptors than warm ones. The way it functions changes under the influence of wind or frost. The water-lipid layer in the epidermis mobilizes itself to protect the deeper layers from drying out, but this is often not enough.

There is hardly any moisture in the cool, frosty air. The air in a heated house is also not conducive to moisturizing - due to the pressure difference between the skin and the dehydrated air, water is "sucked" from the deeper layers of the skin. Therefore, in winter, it must be additionally moistened. In the morning, apply a moisturizing cream to your face, matching your skin type, necessarily with a UV filter (why is it needed, more on that later). Massage the moisturizing lotion into the body twice a day (it can be used in parallel with the anti-stretch mark lotion).

If your feet or hands are too dry, you can put a mask on them or perform a treatment similar to what beauticians do in beauty salons. First, make a gentle peeling, then rub the skin with a greasy cream, wrap your hands (or feet) with foil, and additionally put a compress made of a heated towel on it (you can put socks on your feet). After 20 minutes, the skin will be regenerated.

In winter during pregnancy: protect blood vessels

During pregnancy, blood vessels are weaker, and estrogens are to blame for it - under their influence, they tend to expand excessively. Winter is also not good for them, because frequent changes in temperature force the blood vessels to exercise too much - in the cold they shrink and then expand when you enter the heatedrooms. Both of these factors can cause the so-called `` spikes '' to appear on the décolleté, forehead, cheeks or around the nose.
If you have skin with capillaries prone to expansion and cracking, change your cosmetics in advance to those for couperose skin - they will not only protect it from frost, but also soothe irritation and seal the capillaries, and thus reduce their tendency to expand.

In winter during pregnancy: strengthen the body

After a hard day, the skin should rest and be able to regenerate itself. Therefore, it is important that you sleep at least eight hours a day. During sleep, new cells are formed at the border of the epidermis and dermis and the protective layer of the epidermis regenerates. These processes can be enhanced by the cream. It's good if it has a moisturizing effect (to counteract the drying effect of the heated air in the bedroom) and if it contains ingredients that support skin regeneration, e.g. vitamin B and ceramides.

In winter during pregnancy: avoid the sun

Although it shines weaker in winter, it does not mean that you can skip sun protection. UV rays easily penetrate even a thick layer of clouds, and because they reflect from snow, they affect the skin not only from above, but also from below. Therefore, even at this time of the year, you need to protect yourself with a cosmetic with a factor of at least 15. If your day cream does not contain it, it is worth getting a foundation with a filter. This is important because it will help you prevent discoloration.

In winter during pregnancy: take care of your lips

They do not have fatty bedding, so in winter they flake off and crack very quickly. To prevent this from happening, before going outside, it is worth applying a protective lotion to them, do not lick them in the frost, and after returning home, apply a thin layer of cream. If they still become chapped, you can put a lip mask on them or brush them with honey. Before the procedure, it is worth massaging your lips with a soft toothbrush (you need to wet it beforehand) - this procedure works like a peeling
and improves the blood circulation in the lips.

During pregnancy: clean the epidermis

This advice, even though it seems trivial, is the basis for the success of winter care. During the day, the skin on the face is exposed to wind and frost. To protect it, you apply various preparations - tonic, day cream, foundation with a filter. However, only properly cleansed skin will be able to absorb the ingredients contained in cosmetics. That is why you have to cleanse it with milk or cosmetic gel twice a day: in the morning and in the evening, regardless of whether you have applied makeup or not.

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