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White light is a perfect example that what most of us would consider a weed sometimes turns out to be a valuable medicinal plant. Herbalists know this very well. White light, because of its similarity, it is confused with the popular nettle, is a perennial with many beneficial, he alth-promoting properties.

White light( Lamium albumL.) is a species of perennial plant in the jasmine family. It occurs all over Europe, also in large areas of Asia. In Poland, it is very popular, especially in lowland areas.

This honey-bearing perennial resembles nettle, which is reflected in its other common name -deaf nettleorwhite nettle .

Herbalists collect it from May until autumn. It can be found on the edges of roads, fallow lands or in meadows.

She's not that hard to recognize. The shape of its leaves is very similar to the nettle, but it does not burn and has very characteristic white flowers.

Luminaria white is a synanthropic plant. This means that it inhabits places near residential estates, houses, generally accompanies a person (hence the name - from Greek syn - together, anthropos - human). It grows by roads, in bushes, ditches, most often in large communities. So it is easily achievable (it is much easier just to harvest it than to try growing it).

White light has a number of positive effects on the human body, has long been used in folk medicine, now it is grown on an industrial scale.

Ready-made products are available in pharmacies and herbal stores.

White light: healing properties

The most valuable part of the light is the flower, but also the leaves and other green parts are used in medicine, cosmetics and even gastronomy.

Luminous flowers are collected during dry and sunny aura, when they are fully developed. After harvesting, it is dried at a temperature of about 40 degrees.

Only flower crowns are suitable for flower drought, while light herb is obtained from leaves, stems and shoots.

Brightness flowers are made into infusions that can be poured with water or milk with the addition of honey or juice - especially when given to children.

Bright herb infusions have many uses. They were used in folk medicinemainly as an antidote for female ailments, especially painful and heavy periods (it was then mixed with yarrow or clover).

Modern research has definitely expanded the list of applications. Natural medicine uses luminosity to:

  • vaginal discharge or reduction
  • supporting the work of the kidneys and bladder
  • counteracting flatulence
  • digestive system support
  • diarrhea relief
  • cleansing the body by diuretic action
  • for varicose veins and hemorrhoids
  • treatment of respiratory infections, throat and bronchial diseases
  • healing wounds, soothing burns, sealing damaged skin
  • fight against skin infections and adolescent acne

White light for beauty and taste

White light was also used in the cosmetics industry.

Its flower extract is used to produce shampoos for delicate and weak hair and masks for dry, irritated hands.

White jasmine flowers are also available in stores as a bath herb.

Jasnota in the kitchen

It is also worth adding that it is an edible plant. On the Internet you will find recipes for salads, soups and herbal teas made on the basis of white jasmine leaves, and in herbal stores ready-made mixtures, sold as dietary supplements or herbal teas.


White jasmine infusions or medications should not be used by pregnant and lactating women.

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