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Pregnancy is the time when you listen to your body more carefully. You are now trying to live a he althy life so that your baby can develop properly. Wondering what can be pregnant - can you fly a plane, work as before? What can you afford when pregnant, and what is better to let go of?

Waiting for a baby is a special moment for a woman. Inpregnant , not only the silhouette changes, but also the skin, hair, appetite and even outlook on the world. The energy reserve sometimes seems exhausted, only to resemble an atomic drive in a few days. No wonder that more and more questions also arise during this particular period.

I would like to go on vacation to Turkey. I will then be 5 months pregnant. The flight time by plane takes less than 3 hours. Will it not hurt the baby?

If your pregnancy is going well, there are no medical contraindications to gopregnant by planeabroad. However, it is worth considering whether this is a good idea due to the intense sun. The heat of 40 degrees can be tolerated badly by anyone, let alone a pregnant woman. A stay with your belly in warm countries can turn into a nightmare with pleasure. However, if a pregnant woman decides to fly by plane, there are a few rules that will reduce the risk of venous thrombosis (it can happen during the flight). You should drink a lot to prevent dehydration and thickening of the blood. It is imperative to tread in place, tighten your leg muscles and, whenever possible, walk on the plane. It is also worth considering the use of anti-varicose stockings or knee-socks with the lowest, i.e. first degree of compression.

I'm 33 weeks pregnant and have planned a weekend flight to Rome. My gynecologist objected. Does he have the right to do so?

The doctor who conducts the pregnancy is even obliged to inform the patient about possible dangers related to the flight. If the gynecologist, after examining a woman, believes that the flight may harm her or the baby, he should oppose the trip. This is the case, for example, when there is a risk that a change in pressure may worsen problems with the placenta, or when a pregnant woman has problems with blood clotting. The final decision, however, rests with the patient. But is it worth the risk? You should also know that some airlines do not accept women after their 36th week of pregnancy orrequire a certificate of no contraindications to the flight. In such a situation, the doctor's opinion is decisive.

I work at the computer. Doesn't sitting in front of the monitor for many hours hurt your baby?

According to the Labor Code, a pregnant woman may work in front of acomputerfor no longer than 4 hours a day. However, it has not been proven that exceeding this time would have any adverse effect on the child. If it is not possible to perform another job, the employer should arrange for the job to be changed. However, if the implementation of this recommendation is not possible, it is not an indication to grant the pregnant woman a long-term sick leave. Important: when working at the computer, you have to get up every 30-60 minutes, take a walk, make a few turns of the torso, trample. This will avoid pain in the legs and spine.

Pregnant sports


Pregnant sport

"Pregnancy is not a disease," say many people. True, but it is also not the right time to play extreme or trauma sports. So horse riding, team games (e.g. volleyball and handball), martial arts or roller skating are not allowed. Walking, gentle gymnastics, dancing, swimming, yoga or badminton are suitable. Some activities, such as cycling, may be taken at the beginning of pregnancy, provided that the pregnant woman is fit and the route is on a level surface.

I love high heels. Before pregnancy, I only went to such. Now I also move quite confidently on them, but they all look at me strangely, asking: in high heels and with a belly?

What's strange about that? If a pregnant woman is comfortable wearing high heels, she has no leg or back pain (unlikely unless she wears them for a short time), and at the same time has a sense of stability, there is no reason to give up stilettos. However, walking in such shoes is not he althy. It makes the center of gravity change, which also shifts during pregnancy. In addition, many muscles tense automatically, which may later result in their pains. It is more difficult to balance when you stumble. Therefore, if heels are to be an attribute of femininity during pregnancy, it is better to wear them for a short time, not for many hours.

I commute to work in my own car every day. I already have a big belly, but I feel great. Do I have to wear seat belts?

It is true that a pregnant woman with a visible belly does not need to wear a seat belt while driving or when she is a passenger, but for safety it is worth using them. It is enough to pull the lower strap under the abdomen, and the upper one over the breastbone and between the breasts, so that neither of themput pressure on the abdomen (the appropriate arrangement of the seat belts will be facilitated by a special belt adapter for pregnant women). Thanks to this, during heavy braking or a bump, the belts will keep the pregnant woman in the chair and the belly will not hit the steering wheel.


Sex with the tummy?

Yes, but during pregnancy the best are the positions in which the woman decides on the depth of penetration and which are not too tiring for her (e.g. "using spoons" - the woman lies on her side, the partner hugs her back) . Waiting for a baby is rather a time for close contacts full of affection, and not for amorous acrobatics.

Can I sleep on my stomach when pregnant?

As long as the pregnancy is invisible, there is no reason to give up this position. But when the tummy becomes round, it is better to get into a different position. Sleeping on your stomach is then simply uncomfortable, because it resembles lying on a ball. The best position is on the left side as the uterus does not put pressure on the blood vessels in the abdomen. Thanks to this, the blood can return to the heart without causing swelling of the legs, and it also flows to the uterus and the baby. When laying on your side, it is worth supporting your tummy with a pillow for comfort, and putting the other one between your knees. A special C-shaped orthopedic pillow for pregnant women will also be helpful.

I have a severe visual impairment and have been using contact lenses for years. Should I give up on them during pregnancy?

There are no contraindications that prohibit pregnant lenses for medical reasons. However, as a result of hormonal changes, their tolerance may deteriorate. The composition of the tears changes and wearing lenses for many hours sometimes causes a feeling of sand under the eyelids, burning and even pain. You can wear them for a shorter period of time and use "artificial tears" to moisturize the cornea.

During pregnancy, my appetite for sex has increased. However, I do not know if intimate close-ups will harm my child. Can orgasm induce labor?

Due to hormonal changes, the pelvic organs have a lot of blood supply, which makes the sensations during sex more intense. If the pregnancy is textbook, there is no spotting or bleeding from the genital tract, the cervix does not open or shorten, and the placenta is far from the uterine opening, intimate intercourse will not harm your baby. To be sure, ask your gynecologist about it. The little boy does not feel his parents' love in an unpleasant way. In a properly running pregnancy, intercourse will not induce labor because the contractions are too weak. But having intercourse after due date may speed it up.

I love tonic. I just found out that I am pregnant. Do I have to give up my favoritedrink?

Not necessarily, but just in case, it's better to give it up in the first trimester of pregnancy. The tonic contains quinine. It is thanks to her that it has a characteristic bitter taste. In the second and third trimesters, a pregnant woman can drink it from time to time, but not more than 1 glass a week.

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