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Root canal treatment of teeth under a microscope is one of the modern dental methods. What is and how much does dental treatment using a microscope cost? Why is it worth treating teeth this way?

Teeth treatment under the microscopeis one of the many modern methods that have recently been used to treat teeth. Thanks to its precision, it is safe and highly effective. The use of a microscope tool helps the dentist to locate and properly prepare individual canals of the tooth. Unfortunately, this procedure is not cheap, but it is definitely cheaper than removing a tooth and replacing it with, for example, an implant.

Before the use of a microscope in dentistry, the patient was often forced to extract a sick, aching tooth because its canals were not clearly visible to the naked eye. Therefore, the dentist did not have the possibility to fill them in precisely. Meanwhile, the success of tooth treatment depends on the tight filling of all canals and their side branches.

Today, a dentist, using a microscope, can perform various complicated activities and observe them under very high magnification. This enables precise operations in the treatment area, e.g. with a size of 1x1 mm. Using this type of equipment, you can find all the canals without errors, remove the old filling, prepare the canal perfectly, and then fill it thoroughly and tightly. The doctor is also able to close the perforation of the root or the bottom of the tooth chamber.

The use of microscopes in dentistry

The microscope in dentistry is mainly used in endodontics (root canal treatment), dental and endodontic surgery and in periodontics (prevention and treatment of periodontitis and oral mucosa diseases).

Helps to precisely perform tooth root resection, inspect and inspect extraction wounds or locate broken tooth fragments during surgical procedures.

The microscope is also an indispensable aid in conservative dentistry in the treatment of caries - it can be accurately diagnosed and the tooth can be cleaned in a way that prevents excessive removal of he althy tissues. All procedures under the microscope are painless, as they are normally performed under anesthesialocal.

Polish clinics with this modern and extremely expensive device do not differ from the global standards. As a rule, they are equipped with the highest level of equipment as well as the best medicines and modern dental materials needed for fillings. In offices equipped with such a microscope, an endometer is also often used as a supporting tool, which is used to precisely measure the length of the root canal.

Comfort for the patient and the doctor is ensured by such things as a cofferdam (the so-called saliva dam). It is an insulating material made of thin latex rubber, which isolates the tooth from the oral cavity environment. As a result, the patient's mouth is not filled with lignin rolls. The most important thing, however, is that dental offices with a microscope employ the best specialists, because working with this instrumentation requires knowledge, experience, patience and manual skills.

The largest number of offices offering dental treatment under the microscope is in Warsaw, but every year there are also more and more in other large cities, e.g. in Gdańsk, Gdynia, Kraków, Poznań, Łódź or Opole.

How much does root canal treatment under a microscope cost?

The prices vary, ranging from PLN 500 to PLN 2,000, depending on whether a single or multi-rooted tooth is treated.

Root canal treatment in one day

Hear what is the treatment of a tooth in one visit.

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