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Flirt, date, romance, casual sex are the attributes of a successful holiday for many vacationers. In order to leave nice memories after them, it is worth treating summer adventures with a grain of s alt, as something fleeting. And to avoid disappointment, don't get too involved.

Romance on vacation is very likely

Vacation is a longed-for time to finally relax and get away from everyday life. Hot sun and carefree relaxation put us in a wonderful mood. Relaxed, filled with positive energy, we forget about our duties and troubles. Even if we are subdued and predictable on a daily basis, we want to be different for a moment during the holidays, we want to go crazy, regardless of the consequences. We want to experience the long-awaited vacation intensively, making the most of every free moment.

The holiday atmosphere is conducive to openness and making new friends. When you get distracted geographically and emotionally from work and family matters, stress is released, which increases the mental space and awakens the previously dormant spontaneity. You feel relaxed, free like a bird and… prone to sex, because emotional openness is also conducive to erotic activity. But the "circumstances" of nature are also of great importance. Beautiful corners, wild nature, hot sand and sunlight that stimulate the senses and release erotic longings. Sexologists believe that under the influence of the sun and high temperature, the hormones of love rage, and our libido reaches its zenith.

In summer, we easily attract the eyes of the opposite sex. We reveal our charms more boldly, which makes us feel more attractive and also bolder. The atmosphere feels more magical when it comes to sensual dance, too much wine or drinks. Then it doesn't take much for an innocent flirtation to turn into a stormy romance.

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You met him on the beach. He invited you for a drink, to a club, for a romantic walk … Even though you only know him for a few days, after a few dates you want something more. Okay! Only first decide with yourself what you want. And do not confuse flirting with love. Ola (33) recalls her adventure: Last year I went on vacation with a friend, because my husband could not take a vacation at the same time as me. We found a trip to Italy the most attractive. We wanted to meeta little bit of the world and have fun but we didn't mean anything wrong. I saw Łukasz with my eyes already on the plane. Anyway, it was hard not to notice a handsome, hit brunet with mischievous eyes. He was with our group! I had the impression that he was looking at me differently from everyone else. Already on the first day we were drawn to something, but I tried to keep my distance. In the days that followed, we talked a lot, went for walks, and disconnected from the group. One evening, in the company of a few people, we went to a pub. I was still dancing with Łukasz, talking and drinking a little too much wine. We returned to the hotel in a great mood. I didn't even object when he invited me to his room. We almost threw ourselves at each other … In the morning I slipped out to my room. When we met later, Łukasz was very natural and was surprised that I was gone in the morning. We spent the next night in a similar way and … until the end of the trip, we only changed places, because there were night swimming in the sea, sex on the beach. At the end, we exchanged phones, promising each other another meeting … I don't know what happened to me, because I would never think about it on a daily basis. So far, I feel guilty, but it was something beautiful, wild that I had not experienced before. My 8-year relationship was very stable, and my romance with Łukasz - like an explosion. A year has passed, I have not met Łukasz again, and I have not said anything to my husband, although it tires me terribly. I know how much he loves me, and I don't want to spoil it.

Ola's story shows that it doesn't take much to succumb to the temptation of a summer adventure. After all, holidays are a time of rest and fun, and it's easier to beat your heart faster. Many of us dream of experiencing a passionate romance. And when we are overwhelmed by summer madness, sometimes it is difficult to stop … Is it worth getting involved in the holidayflirt ? Can they be really innocent?


It takes 3 seconds to fall in love at first sight

That's what German scientists say. Hormones are to blame for everything. When we like someone, they literally explode - they sharpen the senses, cause agitation, a feeling of euphoria, faster heartbeat. The nose plays a big role here. If we perceive the smell of the other person positively, and they are likable, we start to act irrational. Hormones can also cause us to fall into love after casual sex - this is the case for nearly a third of such couples.

Romance on vacation can be risky

We are often anonymous on vacation. So it's easier to colorize your own life in order to appear more attractive to a potential romance partner. So we often pretend to be someone whowe are not. We subtract years, wedding rings disappear from our fingers. We play the roles of hit businessmen or CEOs, artists, writers, models, doctors, business women, etc. We come up with colorful stories of our lives, tell about numerous passions and dreams.

Poles are considered bad flirters. Polish women who are in second place in the ranking for the most flirty nationality are different! Only the temperamental Spanish women preceded us, followed by hot-blooded citizens of the Dominican Republic, Italy, Argentina and Brazil.

It's easy to change your identity. But on the other hand, it's also easy to believe that you've met someone special. Probably in different circumstances such a person would not interest us. But now he impresses us with his position, eloquence and humor. At the same time, she adores and does not skimp on compliments. And although most of us are well aware that this is just a game, an introduction to a holiday romance, we still get involved. The effects vary. For example, you can find your nudes on the Internet, when a hunk you meet pretended to be a photographer, or you can fall victim to a trickster.

Analyze if your summer romance is worth it

Before you get carried away with your vacation partner, think about your expectations. Do you want to have a good time, get into a romantic relationship or be sexually involved? Watch these boundaries. Also ask yourself if you are ready to have sex without obligation. Because you should first of all set up this option. If a summer romance could give you a moral hangover - don't get into it, stick around to flirt.

If an important person with whom you have a lot of connection is waiting for you at home, better not play with fire. Even though you are now far from your beloved and surrendering to the holiday atmosphere, think about whether the moment of pleasure is worth the risk and remorse. Even if you manage to keep it a secret, you may find yourself emotionally involved. If, on the other hand, you are single, there is nothing to stop you. You can go crazy, experience intoxicating moments. But you need to be sure you want it and be aware that it is you who will bear the consequences.

Treat your summer romance with a grain of s alt

Holiday love affairs usually end at the end of the holiday, when you have to return to your duties. So better not be under the illusion that you have met the love of your life and that the dreamed prince will travel 400 km on a white horse (if he is a prince from Poland at all). Long-distance relationships, and those built on the sand on the beach, may not last even autumn, because not everyone cares about continuing their relationship.

That's why summer romances are the besttreat it with a grain of s alt, as something fleeting. And not get involved too much. Then fond memories will remain and you will not be disappointed.

Have you met someone? Take care of your safety

Don't be alone with a newly met man. Make appointments with him during the day in places with a lot of people. Do not be persuaded to go on a night cruise on the lake, a trip to the forest or sightseeing in the company of his friends.

  • Keep your distance. You don't know who he is or what his intentions are. So don't talk too much about your personal affairs, don't mention your earnings. Just because he's sensitive and gentle doesn't mean you can trust him completely.
  • Don't overdo it with alcohol. After a few drinks, you become too comfortable and inclined to do things that you might regret the next day. Remember, take care of your glass as there is a risk that you may fall victim to the rape pill.
  • Try to decipher his intentions. If you have a strong need for a relationship, you may not notice the signals it sends you. For example, when many women flirt around you, do not be deceived - he is only looking for a fleeting romance.
  • If you want to spend the night with him, plan it somewhere nice but safe. Make an appointment in your room, for example, and make sure that someone knows about his visit. Remember about the protection (condom), because you don't know anything about his sexual past.
  • Watch out for foreign don Juan. Polish women have a weakness for foreigners, especially fiery Italians, Spaniards or sweet habibis from Egypt or Tunisia, who can make a woman feel beautiful and desirable. However, infatuation with the latter can be dangerous. For Arabs, Polish tourists have become a pass to their dream Europe, because a marriage with a Polish woman gives them a Schengen passport in the package. But sometimes it's also just about money.

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