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The slender Złotak probably came to us from the United States. There is a lot of it in Polish forests, and mushroom pickers praise its taste. How to recognize a slender goldfish?

Slender goldfish( Slender boletus, American boletus, European goldfish ,Aureoboletus projectellus ) takes Polish forests and the hearts of mushroom pickers by storm. Not only can it be harvested from June to October, but most people describe this mushroom (as edible as possible) as tasty.

Slender Złotak: origin

A dozen or so years ago we would not have found a slender goldfish in Polish forests. He came to them from the United States, touching on Latvia and Lithuania on the way. In Lithuania, it most likely arrived by sea - together with the ships going to Klaipeda with the soil or seedlings transported by them.

The greatest amounts of slender goldfish will be found by mushroom pickers from the northern (the earliest it was observed on the B altic Sea) and eastern parts of Poland, although the fungus is spreading throughout the country.

Slender goldfish is also called the heather boletus, because it can often be found among the heathers. He also likes pine forests because it creates a mycorrhiza with them - a symbiotic relationship between the fungus and the roots / seeds of these trees.

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Slender goldfish: what does it look like?

Although one of the names of this mushroom is a boletus, it looks more like a goat than a boletus.

As befits a slender goldfish, the mushroom has a long (up to 15 cm) and slender stem - it definitely dominates the small cap.

The hat in adult specimens is brown-reddish in color, in young - cinnamon. It is dark in the center and brighter on the sides, "faded". The hat of a slender goldsmith is always convex and ends with a delicate frill. It feels like suede to the touch, and when wet - in the case of adults - it becomes sticky.

The body of the fungus can be cream, yellowish or orangeish or even light brown, with furrows visible in its texture.

In turn, in the flesh of the goldfishslender white shades dominate, with yellow or pink reflections.

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Slender Złotak: is it a threat to other fungi?

Slender goldfish is not our native mushroom, but can it be called an invasive species, i.e. one that not only aliens but also threatens the ecosystem of forests and the fungi that have been present in them for a long time?

This is not known yet - there is no relevant research on this subject. So far, its clearly destructive effect on other fungi has not been observed either. What we know for sure is the fact that - due to the fact that it is "not local" - the fungus is rarely attacked by flies. This is also where, among others, the secret of its success - it spreads because it is not attacked by insects.

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