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Skilfully used highlighter emphasizes facial features and adds life to the complexion. However, many women do not appreciate this cosmetic, believing that using it requires professional make-up artist. However, it is enough to learn a few tricks on how to apply the highlighter to get the best effect.

Highlighter - how to use it, how to choose? Many women do not know how to use this cosmetic and which parts of the face to apply it to. Using this cosmetic is not difficult at all! In the text you will find detailed information on what to follow when choosing a highlighter and how to use it to get the best results!

How to choose a highlighter?

The best product is in the form of a pressed or loose powder, which, when applied to the skin, will give the effect of a sheet, not individual particles. Avoid especially large shiny particles, because you will get an unnatural look. Before buying a cosmetic, it is worth checking the effect in daylight.

Can anyone use the highlighter?

The highlighting powder should be the last step in your makeup, after the foundation and matting powder. Remember, however, that this cosmetic is not suitable for all skin types. It is better avoided if you have oily skin or wrinkles, enlarged pores or blemishes as it will emphasize them a lot.

How to use the highlighter?


Applying the highlighter to the center of the forehead is a procedure that will give the face a clearer contour. Apply a small amount of the cosmetic to the top of the nose here, and a few centimeters below the hairline, lightly brush the forehead with the highlighter, creating a horizontal line. It is important to emphasize the hairline with the bronzer, then the face shape will be more symmetrical.


The application of the highlighter just below the lower line of the eyebrows makes them more regular and makes the eyes appear larger at the same time. However, you should remember not to draw lines along the entire length of the eyebrows, it is enough to use the cosmetic from the middle to the outer corner, paying particular attention to the bend of the arch. In addition, the highlighter can help hide any hair regrowth.


The application of the highlighter in the corner of the eye will optically enlarge it. In addition, a bit of a cosmetic on the side walls of the nose where the skin isslightly darker, makes the eyes appear more refreshed. This is a great solution for women who do not like using concealer, but at the same time have problems with regularly appearing shadows around the eyes.


The best effect of marked cheekbones is achieved by the use of several cosmetics. First, use the bronzer to draw a line just under the bones in such a way as to emphasize them. The highlighter applied just above them makes the bones more visible. Finally, rub both cosmetics with pink - the combined colors look natural!


The thin, light, vertical line created by the highlighter makes the nose appear slimmer and more shapely. For an even better effect, use a bronzer to emphasize the wings of the nose and its tip. This way you can change the proportions of the face to make it look more symmetrical


Applying the highlighter just above the Cupid's bow is especially important when you use dark lipstick on your lips. The use of the cosmetic allows you to emphasize the natural contour of the lips or correct any irregularities. The highlighter will make the lips appear fuller and the color more intense. If, on the other hand, you have drooping lips, thanks to the two oblique lines drawn towards the browbone, you will optically lift them.


You can shorten a long face by applying a small dot of highlighter and a bit of bronzer to the center of the chin.

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