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Dream interpretation - according to him, the dog portends joy or trouble - it all depends on the context in which the dog is seen, how it looks and how it behaves. Read what, according to the dream book, means when someone dreams of a dog (aggressive dog, biting dog). It is also worth knowing if repeated dreams about a dog may indicate emotional problems or have any effect on he alth.

Dogissymbolfrequently appearing indream books . No wonder - dogs are dreamed not only by their owners, but also by people who stay awake from these animals. Interestingly, dreams about dogs were recorded in antiquity - until today there are messages in which dogs were dreamed of keeping secrets and treasures.

And even if you do not like dogs, it is impossible to dispute the fact that they are man's best animal friends and in our country they can be found almost everywhere - also as guardians of the disabled or tracking dogs. Therefore, even if you do not have a dog, sooner or later you may dream of it.

Dogs are seen in a dream in very different contexts: you may have a dream about a walk with a dog, that a dog bit you in a dream, or you can see a sleeping dog in a dream.

A dog in a dreammay be friendly, fawn and cuddle, or, on the contrary, be threatening and aggressive. Although the sight of a dog in a dream is usually interpreted positively, according to dream books, the dog can also be a symbol of negative changes. It is important to know the most common meaning of dreams about dogs.

In a mystical dream book, the dog often symbolizes fidelity, attachment and instinctive action, it is also a symbol of feelings hidden deeply in the subconscious. Seen in a dream, it can show us a way out of a difficult, waking situation. When using the mystical dream book, it is worth remembering not only the circumstances in which the dog appeared in a dream, but also the direction in which it was going, and the people who accompanied it, because perhaps they will be helpful to us while awake.

Dream interpretation - aggressive dog

When in a dream a dog bites its owner or a person completely strangers to him - he is aggressive, barks, barks, attacks - this may be a signal that you are hiding some fears somewhere, which you may not be fully aware of but are strong enough to give you Fr.your subconscious mind.

Dreaming of an aggressive dogcan also symbolize a danger that you already know about but have no idea how to defend against. An aggressive dog seen in a dream can also symbolize quarrels in the family.

A dog attackin a dream can also alert you to someone around you who does not wish you well and will do whatever it takes to bring you down.

Being bitten by a dogin a dream means that you are over-subjugating your life to a cause or challenge that has slowly begun to overwhelm you, and that your creativity or imagination is suffering.

A dream that a dog has bitten you can also herald a lot of trouble, or even illness - after such a dream, you also have to be careful in contact with other people, especially if you know that they do not wish you well.

Biting dogsin a dream means that you are in a strong internal conflict.

Dream interpretation - dead dog

A dead dog seen in a dream means that you are surrounded by unfriendly or even hostile people. According to some dream books, this symbol also means the death of certain feelings towards something or towards someone, as well as resignation - from friendship, relationship, material goods.

Dream interpretation - dog on a leash

Dreaming of a dog on a leash has both positive and negative meanings. Most often it is interpreted as the dreamer's ability to self-discipline, to control his instincts. But it can also subconsciously signal that something or someone is not letting you fully unfold your wings.

If you dream that someone is leading your dog on a leash, be careful because you have hidden enemies. If you dream of a dog with a leash or a chain to the kennel, it may mean that you will be able to overcome whatever has hindered your professional development.

Dream interpretation - mad dog

A dog with rabies seen in a dream is a warning against rumors that seemingly kind people may spread about you - especially if you dream that a rabid dog is fawning at you and licking your hands .

In turn, a rabid dog - angry in the sense of "angry" - symbolizes dormant fears. Perhaps you are afraid of something or someone and you are not fully aware of that fear.

Dream interpretation - wounded dog

An injured dog seen in a dream portends he alth problems and negative events that may happen to you. A dream about an injured dog is therefore a kind of warning, but also an incentive to undergo preventive examinations and tomore caution in every area of ‚Äč‚Äčlife.

Dream interpretation - big dog

The size of a dog seen in a dream should be interpreted depending on the context in which we see it. It symbolizes the size of joy or problems that we will have to face. For example, a big injured dog means you have really big problems ahead, and a big aggressive dog warns you of a big family argument.

Dream interpretation - black dog

A black dog seen in a dream is unfortunately a bad omen - it portends more or less trouble. These can be all kinds of problems: illness, accident, unexpected emptiness in your wallet, and even in your personal life, as the dream of a black dog can also mean the end of a relationship. Also, watch out for business relationships, especially with superiors, as such a dream may also herald the termination of the employment contract.

Dream interpretation - white dog

Dreaming of a white dog is a very good sign - happiness will smile at you. Perhaps you are in for a new, interesting acquaintance that will change a lot in your life, or an interesting job offer. If you dream of a white dog, be sure to play the lottery - there is a good chance that you will succeed this time and you will win something.

Dream interpretation - cat and dog

When awake, dogs and cats usually don't like each other. It is similar in a dream, and the dream about a dog and a cat has different interpretations, depending on which side is dominant in this dream. If the cat is more important, you will be disappointed, and if the dog plays the first fiddle, be prepared for joy and pleasant moments.

A fight between a dog and a cat seen in a dream may, however, foreshadow dangerous and unexpected events - so it is worth looking around carefully, especially when driving a car.

Dream interpretation - sick dog

A sick dog seen in a dream symbolizes the poor he alth of a loved one - and if, in addition, he howls, this disease is also a threat to you. Dreaming of a sick dog can also signal that some of your actions could negatively affect family members, especially children. And when you dream of a sick and dirty dog, be careful - what you fear will probably happen soon.

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