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Dream interpretation - water has almost as rich symbolism as in art and literature. Water in a dream usually portends danger, but in some cases it can also be quite a joyful picture. What does the dream book say about water? How dreams affect mental he alth?

Dream interpretation - water as life and death

Clean water is the source of life - without it, there would be no plants, animals or humans on the earth, therefore it often symbolizes life-giving strength, power and energy. The holy rivers of the Nile and the Euphrates, thanks to their regular floods, allowed for the regeneration of fields and pastures, and gave food to people and animals, therefore they were a symbol of fertility.

In dreams, however, water also adopts other meanings that probably stem from ancient beliefs that oceans, seas, rivers, and lakes were treated as seats of evil powers. This was the case, for example, in Greece or Israel, where sailing on the water, especially when stormed by a wind or storm, was equated with the threat of evil spirits living in the waters.

In many cultures, the water flowing in the river speaks of transience and is an image of a fleeing life, but also of the changeability of human fate. Although it is often a symbol of changeability, water in the context of a person we know means the constancy of our feelings towards him and her towards us. We can trust someone like that.

When talking about water, it is worth mentioning one more meaning of it. Water, as a mirror, has always been a symbol of the human soul and its state - the barely visible reflection in cloudy water meant becoming entangled in sins, the image visible in the crystalline water testifies to purity of intentions and a peaceful conscience. However, just looking in the water, as in a mirror, was seen as a warning against succumbing to illusions and false images.

Dream interpretation - water as a reflection of the state of the soul

Most dream books emphasize that in order to explain the dream about water, you need to look at its context. Not only the nature and appearance of the water are important, but also the impression that remains after the dream - whether it was nice or caused fear or other negative memories.

It is usually said that a dream about water reflects a person's emotional state, therefore deep, dangerous water is a sign of some anxiety that we are experiencing or that awaits us. The fear we feel of water in a dream, the fear ofdrowning means that we are in a nervous period or that we are awaiting its arrival.

Ruffled, rippling water means worries and worries. It is different in the case of pleasant dreams of water. The smooth surface of the sea or lake, as well as emerging from them, is a omen to overcome all problems, and boating on calm water symbolizes peace of mind and balance. The refreshing, cool water in which we swim on a hot day shows that we are at a stable and good stage in our lives.

Dream interpretation - water as healing and changes

According to the dream books, the nature of the water that appears in a dream means either good fortune or difficulties. Therefore, the sight of water can mean we alth, birth or joy from change for the better, but also trouble, bad news or illness. The dream books assign an interesting meaning to dreams about drinking water, which symbolize the satisfaction of needs.

Drinking cool water can mean wanting harmony in your life, while drinking warm water means wanting to change your lifestyle. According to some books, dreams of cold water can also mean a cooling off of relationships and dryness in dealing with someone close, as well as the foreshadowing of disappointment in friendship.

Separate meaning is given to dreams of bathing in water and sailing. Dreaming about a bath, of course, means cleansing - perhaps he alth problems, quarrels with a partner, and bad thoughts will stop tormenting us.

Sailing and cruising on the water is an image of our soul and inner journey. It means the changes that we really want and want to make. Sailing in calm water means that the revolution will be successful, swimming in a storm means that the changes will bring another, not always good for us.

Dream interpretation - dirty, cloudy water

The dream of dirty water always has a negative context. In the dream books, it means a situation of sin, an unclean soul and life in conflict with itself. Often the dream of dirty water is translated as a sign of insecurity and shyness. It can mean internal problems with oneself, but also be treated as a warning against diseases of both the soul and body: it portends loneliness, sadness.

When in a dream we fall into dirty and cloudy water, it could be a harbinger of making a life mistake. If we additionally try to get out of it, dream books warn: you will do something that will have a negative impact on your life and from which there will be no turning back.

Dream interpretation - pure water

It is a goodThe dreamed person is satisfied with life, put in order, feels inner harmony and balance. Considers himself a happy person,trustworthy, stable. She will be successful both at work and in love.

Swimming in clear, transparent water means carefree, and falling into it - sudden happiness. Viewing ourselves in clear water means that our life is calm and stress-free, and that there are more successful events ahead of us: meeting love, joy of birth, professional success.

Dream interpretation - tap water

If we dream of running water from the tap, it means that we are going to be successful and we althy. Especially if its stream is large and fast. Water barely dripping from the tap may, according to the dream books, symbolize the futility of our efforts. For some, an open tap means rebirth: it can herald changes for the better in life, work, or a revolution in relations with people important to us. It is also a signal that the planned changes should be implemented as soon as possible, because they are favored by both the attitude of people and circumstances.

Dream interpretation - pool water

Watching the pool in a dream means that we wait for others to recognize and approve of our actions. If we are swimming in the pool or watching others swim, she may read this as a sign to leave the past behind and focus on the present or start all over again.

Dream interpretation - sea

It is usually associated negatively. Its enormity and great depth foreshadow unfavorable events and fear for the future. Dreams about the sea can reflect the dreamer's state of mind - his fear, uncertainty about tomorrow. The calm surface of the sea suggests that we can be calm, the storm - that we cannot cope with feelings and emotions. A storm at sea can also portend trouble and worry.

Dream interpretation - water in the house

If water has invaded our home, but it is clean, it means the arrival of a rich guest or the arrival of the good news that we are waiting for. Either way, this event will have good results for us. If the water flows out of our home, it means that we have situations in which we will have to guide other people, make decisions and control the situation.

Dream interpretation - flood

As a rule, in dream books it means an influx of unpleasantness and worries. The waves that rise herald the accumulation of unfavorable circumstances that are being disregarded. Such a dream should also be a signal to take care of certain matters that, if left alone, can lead to a catastrophe.

If our belongings or ourselves are caught by a flood, we should be careful about emotions and feelings - a difficult period ahead of us, when we will lose control over them. A flood that makes it difficult to surface is a warning againstgetting entangled in a situation with no way out. It is important, however, that a flood, which brings with it crystal clear water, can mean flooding us with profits.

Dream interpretation - deep water

The deeper, the more trouble we get. The depths also mean fear of feelings, relationships and relationships. Diving in deep water means looking inside yourself, which can help you make some decisions. Shallow water, on the other hand, may mean that we should try harder.

Dream interpretation - water and fire

Water extinguished by fire or the combination of both of these elements means purification. Maybe you need forgiveness or you need to forgive someone to feel better?

Dream interpretation - spilled water

Pouring water portends you to make a mistake out of ignorance, ignorance, or simply by mistake. Spilled water on the floor or table may mean, according to dream books, the need to focus on something or someone we neglect.

Dream interpretation - holy water

It is a symbol of striving for the ideal. It means that we want to be perfect because we know that we are far from perfect. If we sprinkle something with holy water, it means that we want to wash off our guilt, we look for forgiveness.

Dream interpretation - water in the river

The river signifies danger, and its shores are the doubts we have. However, if we observe the water flowing in its channel, we will face changes that we do not want. If the water is choppy, these changes will be chaotic and meaningless. The constant movement of the river also proves that we mature emotionally and we are aware of the passing time.

Dream interpretation - flat flooded with water

Water rushing into the house announces the guest's visit, but if it is water flowing from the tap, which overflows from the bathtub or washbasin - a house quarrel awaits us. Flooding with water symbolizes the arrival of troubles, which we read as a punishment for our mistakes or wrongdoing.

Dream interpretation - flood

Running away from the flood and the wall of water means running away from emotions and feelings. Flood dreams can also be a harbinger of difficult challenges ahead.

Dream interpretation - water in the bathtub

If you fill the bathtub with water in a dream - you will have a well-deserved rest.

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