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Spine joints must be lubricated with the so-called synovial fluid, thanks to which you can smoothly straighten and bend. When there is not enough of it - articular cartilages wear off and back pain occurs. This is how the degeneration of the spine begins. Relief in ailments can be brought by a well-profiled mattress and an orthopedic pillow.

The synovial fluid also protects the articular cartilage against excessive, premature abrasion. If there is not enough fluid (the body produces less and less with age, and the lack of exercise and a sedentary lifestyle also limit its secretion), the cartilage wears down faster and does not protect the bones. They touch one another with each movement. The subcartilage layer thickens and numerous pits filled with mucous tissue are formed in it.

Bone remodeling combined with the loss of articular cartilage changes the shape of the joint and may lead to, for example, shorteningof the spine(the effect is an increasingly stooped silhouette). In addition, osteophytes appear on the worn vertebrae - cartilage and bone growths that limit joint movement and press on the surrounding nerves, causing severe pain when moving.
Pain accompanyingdegeneration of the spinecauses that we are trying to save it and that we move as little as possible. And the lack of movement causes ligament contracture and atrophy of the muscles that stabilize the spine. With time, it becomes difficult for us to make the simplest movements, e.g. getting up, sitting down.

Our advice: the right mattress and orthopedic pillow

On a medium-hard mattress - it can bend under our weight by 2-3 cm. It should flexibly adapt to the shape of the body. Spring mattresses and foam mattresses fulfill this role. The shape of the pillow is also important during sleep. Incorrectly chosen one can cause excessive tension in the shoulder and neck area (and this causes pain).

It is good to sleep on special orthopedic and corrective pillows (they are shaped in such a way that they support the cervical spine). If you like to have a pillow under your head, try to sleep in the "S" position (put one pillow under your head and neck and the other under your knees). embryonic position.

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