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Rose quartz is sometimes called the Stone of Love, because - according to what esotericists believe - it attracts love and friendship, ensures success among the opposite sex and happiness in a relationship, but also helps to overcome complexes and love oneself. There are also other types of quartz, e.g. milk quartz, green, smoky, blue and others.

Rose quartzis one of the few stones in this shade. Like any quartz, pink is also hard (this is where the name comes from - quardy means hard in Old Slavonic) and mainly made of silicon dioxide.

It owes its characteristic color to admixtures of two elements: titanium and manganese - their amount and proportion determine whether the quartz is pale, medium pink, or has a shade of intense pink. And when these minerals are additionally mixed with golden rutile (titanium oxide), narrow bands appear on the surface of the quartz in the shape of a star.

The richest deposits of rose quartz are found in Madagascar and Brazil, although it is also found in southern Africa, Sri Lanka, North America, Japan and even in Poland.

Rose quartz - body and spirit protection

Like many other minerals, rose quartz has been used as an amulet for centuries. Phoenicians as early as the 13th century BCE believed that he has strong magical powers: protects from evil, promotes fertility, turns enemies into friends - that's why rose quartz was patronized by their goddess of love and war, Astarte.

Ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans also used it to create talismans, and they also used it to detoxify the body, and powdered it was added to anti-poison potions.

Nowadays, due to its unusual properties (e.g. when heated, it changes color, and when irradiated it turns black), it also arouses considerable interest in esotericists.

Rose quartz for lonely people and those in love

Like red, pink is a symbol of love, passion, warmth. Probably that is why rose quartz in esoterics is recommended to all those who lack these feelings.

Helps to find a path to happiness in a relationship, supports heart dilemmas, allows you to open up to love and overcome distrust, especially in those who bear a grudge orwhom someone had previously had an extremely brutal heartbreak.

Rose quartz also facilitates the relationship of two strong personalities - it relieves tensions, helps to achieve harmonious relationships and understanding.

It can also be useful in the case of coldness, also the kind that occurs as a result of a burnout of the relationship - it is said that when placed under the pillow, it effectively ignites the passion again. But its power does not only extend to the relationship of two people - it is also recommended for those who feel self-loathing and have problems with self-acceptance. In these cases, rose quartz helps you achieve inner peace and make friends with each other.

Rose quartz has all these properties thanks to its special aura, a kind of energy field it produces, which affects the areas of the brain responsible for positive feelings, including selflessness, empathy, and readiness to feel love.

Since it is also a stone closely associated with the third eye chakra, thanks to the energy it releases, you can see what is usually hidden: other people's intentions, their - and your own - feelings, emotional state, and also gain ease of making decision.

Quartz - varieties

Quartz, depending on the place of occurrence and the conditions in which it was formed, has different varieties that differ not only in color, but also in properties.

Quartz is both beach sand and some rocks in high mountains. Although it is a fairly common mineral, some of its varieties are especially appreciated. These include:

  • rose quartz
  • milk quartz
  • rock crystal
  • smoky quartz
  • blue quartz
  • aventurine
  • lemons
  • carnelian
  • amethyst
  • morion
  • ingrown stones with "cat's eye" effect

Some minerals are also related to quartz - those that are also made of silicon dioxide, but have a slightly different structure. They include, among others opal, chrysoprase, chalcedony and also agate.

Rose quartz - a stone with good energy

Also, according to supporters of alternative medicine, rose quartz has a number of properties, thanks to which it can be easier to prevent and treat certain diseases. According to this rose quartz:

  • supports the work of the immune system with its energy, thus reducing the susceptibility to both minor infections and more serious diseases
  • soothes ailments related to the circulatory system and heart, including hypertension and arrhythmia, and prevents heart attacks
  • supports the production of red blood cells, preventsthrombosis, phlebitis and the formation of "spider veins"
  • promotes pregnancy and increases sperm viability in men
  • relieves stress, nervous tension, irritability
  • reduces the tendency to depression
  • improves concentration and memory
  • adds energy
  • reduces headaches, pain in limbs, kidney problems
  • located near the bed helps prevent insomnia and reduces nightmares

Read also about properties of other stones:

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  • Lemons
  • Carnelian
  • Flint and striped flint
  • Aquamarine

Remember that the methods proposed by supporters of unconventional methods are not confirmed in scientific research and are not consistent with EBM. Before starting to use them, consult your doctor.

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