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As prof. James Waterhouse from Manchester University's Faculty of Physiology, the best months for a vacation, apart from November, are the spring months of March, April and May. We are less productive in spring and the spring solstice is to blame. So go for a picnic!

Whyspring vacationis a good idea? Not because the longpicnicallows you to save a few days of vacation. For our great, great ancestors, the pre-breed was the worst - they suffered from hunger and cold, and they had nothing else to do but look for a rich summer. Spring is also a hard time for us. Of course, not because we do not eat enough, but because of a drastic decrease in the activity of our body.

A holiday in spring is consistent with the biological clock

If someone just feels constantly tired and stressed, he is to blame for himself - says prof. James Waterhouse from Manchester University's Department of Physiology. Why? Because no one makes him live against the biological clock. And this one tells us to rest. And the best months for a vacation are, apart from November, March, April and May. What are we doing? With the stubbornness of a better cause and against nature, we recognize that in summer we are less active and that is why we deserve rest. Of course, the opposite is true. Summer is the time of the greatest efficiency of the organism.

Take care of your skin in spring

Now you shouldn't allow yourself any neglect of your skin care. Why? Because ours has to catch up with a lot of winter arrears. This is first. Second, slowly start thinking and preparing for summer.
The best way to do this is to fund yourself a series (preferably 6-10) of treatments in a professional beauty salon. No one else will effectively regenerate, firm and refresh the skin.

What threatens you in spring?

  • weakness
  • sleepiness
  • frequent headaches and muscle aches (possibly due to vitamin and mineral deficiency)
  • weakening of reflexes and muscles (too little potassium
  • irritability, less resistance to stress, painful muscle spasms (lack of magnesium)
  • sudden attacks of fatigue (iron deficiency)
  • hair loss (lack of zinc)

Avoid trouble in spring

  • nooverwork yourself
  • sleep not less than 8 hours, necessarily from approx.22
  • eat easily
  • drink lots of fruit juices
  • do not avoid snacks
  • supplement your diet with multivitamin supplements
  • practice, practice and practice again. Take a walk, at least.

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