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Laser treatment of onychomycosis is an increasingly popular method of fighting this troublesome disease. No wonder, laser treatment of onychomycosis - unlike traditional methods - allows you to quickly and effectively get rid of the problem. What is the treatment of onychomycosis with a laser? How should I prepare for the procedure? These questions are answered by a specialist dermatologist, Jadwiga Matla-Stodolna.

Laser treatment of onychomycosisis an alternative to the long-term and often ineffective traditional treatment of onychomycosis. Ointments and varnishes usually do not improve the condition of the nail plate, and long-term treatments with oral medications burden the liver and the entire body.Laser treatment of onychomycosisallows you to get rid of the problem quickly and effectively.Treatment of onychomycosis with a laser ispainless, does not damage the nail plate, and four treatments are enough to initiate the regeneration process of a new, he althy nail.

Onychomycosis - where to start the treatment?

Onychomycosis cannot be taken lightly. If left alone, it can spread to subsequent nails and even spread to your fingernails. A warning sign is a change in the color of the nail. It can change color from pink to yellow, greenish, or brown. Usually, the nail plate loses its transparency, becomes dull and thick. It can be very weakened, brittle, with jagged edges. - Pain caused by onychomycosis can be discomfort when walking or doing work with your hands - explains Jadwiga Matla-Stodolna, a specialist dermatologist at the NATURA and FootMedica He althcare Center and the He althy Foot Clinic.

Treatment of onychomycosis should begin with a consultation at a dermatologist who should perform a mycological examination. This test involves taking samples of the lesions, which are then examined under a microscope and then cultured. - If a mushroom is grown from the material, it means that the patient is struggling with mycosis - explains Dr. Jadwiga Matla-Stodolna. This is an important test because it will indicate the type of fungus and the specialist will be able to choose the appropriate therapy - adds the dermatologist.

Onychomycosis - treatment methods

Topical medications are available asvarnishes and ointments. They are usually a supplement to pharmacological therapy, and when used alone, they usually do not improve the condition of the nail plate. In turn, oral treatment, although effective, puts a heavy burden on the liver and the entire body. - It is worth adding that treatments with oral medications last many months - says Dr. Matla-Stodolna. Depending on the type of fungus and the selected pharmacological therapy, treatment may take up to six months, adds the expert.

Laser onychomycosis treatment - what is it?

Laser radiation treatments are an increasingly popular method of treating onychomycosis. One of them is the Lunula laser treatment. It is a cold laser that combines two wavelengths of different lengths: 405 nm and 635 nm. The former has a bactericidal and fungicidal effect, while the latter stimulates the body's immune processes. Two light beams: red and blue, illuminate the entire affected nails by rotating them, also acting on the nail shaft and matrix. The laser light penetrates the plate without damaging the nail or the surrounding skin, killing the fungi under the nail plate. The treatment lasts only a dozen or so minutes and is repeated at intervals of about a week, usually four times.

Lunula laser therapy enables the gradual growth of he althy nails. Under normal circumstances, fingernails last 5-6 months and toenails 12-18 months. Systematic control after 3 and 6 months is very important, as well as cooperation with a podiatrist in the field of care.

According to an expert Dr. Jadwiga Matla-Stodolna, dermatologist, NATURA healing and rehabilitation center and FootMedica, He althy Foot Clinic

Treatments should be performed in a professional podiatry or dermatology office. Their use does not require prior mycological examination. However, it is very advisable to professionally clean the nail plate with a cutter and to sterilize socks and shoes with ozone in a special chamber to prevent re-infection. For some patients, it is important to simultaneously treat comorbidities.

Laser treatment of onychomycosis

Mycosis of the feet and nails is a very troublesome disease. It is an infectious disease that can be easily infected, for example in the swimming pool, sauna or gym. Until now, nail and foot mycosis has been treated pharmacologically. Treatment was long and often did not produce the desired results. For two years, dermatologists and podiatrists have been using laser therapy to fight mycosis of the feet and nails. What are these treatments based on? How long does the therapy last and what are the effects? Listen to our expert - Joanna Stodolna-Tukendorf, physiotherapist, podiatrist at the Footmedica Clinic.

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