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Eye color is not only an individual feature of people, but also a fact that can tell us a lot about he alth, pain threshold and the degree of our credibility. Check what connections between eye color and our he alth and character have been discovered by scientists.

Eye color is not only an important element of our appearance, but also an indication of certain he alth burdens and character predispositions.

Eye color and disease

Scientists have long found that eye color is directly related to diseases such as diabetes, melanoma and vitiligo. People with blue eyes are less likely to suffer from congenital albinism, in which the brown pigment disappears from part of the skin, leaving spots that look like 'whitened'.

A study published in the journal Clinical and Experimental Ophthalmology shows that people with light eyes are more likely to develop macular degeneration. This is because a bright iris does not block ultraviolet light as much as a dark one.

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But it also has negative effects on dark-eyed people. Since less light enters their brains, they are more prone to seasonal affective disorders. This is indicated by the results of research by the British Psychological Association. They were attended by students from Girne American University (Cyprus) and the University of South Wales.

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A situation where a person has eyes of different colors, such as one brown and the other blue, may indicate diseases such as Horner's syndrome or Figmantrit glaucoma. People with advanced diabetes may notice that their eyes darken. The link between iris pigmentation and specific diseases is very strong.

Worrying information also concerns the risk of skin cancer in people with light eyes. In a study published in Epidemiology Cancer, Biomarkers & Prevention, it was found that the blue-eyed ones were morethan others exposed to the formation of various types of birthmarks.

The situation is also not interesting when it comes to eye melanoma. Both blue and green eyes have less pigment to protect them from damage.

Eye color and character

A study in Australia with 366 participants found that people with light eyes appear much more competitive, less empathetic, friendly and generous than people with dark eyes.

It may be overkill, but scientists say it has to do with our evolutionary roots: thousands of years ago, our northern European ancestors saw blue-eyed people more attractive to having children.

The same genes that make up the frontal lobes, responsible for e.g. for cognitive functions and personality traits.

In turn, over 400 people took part in the study of scientists from the University of Orebro in Sweden. As it turned out, the same genes that are responsible for the frontal lobes are involved in creating eye color, and the frontal part of the frontal lobes is responsible, inter alia, for cognitive functions and personality traits. First, their personality traits were examined, and then their correlation with eye color was carried out. Here's how the conclusions are:

  • Dark (black, brown) eyes

People with this eye color are principle-minded, dominant, and assertive people whom everyone trusts, and therefore perform well in leadership roles. They are strong, responsible, faithful and honest individuals. This eye color also shows a certain mystery and great temperament.

People with dark eyes process information faster and are better at tasks involving the use of motor skills, which is why they do well, for example in sports.

It has also been proven that people with this eye color can sleep two hours shorter than people with light irises, because their body regenerates faster and does not require such a long sleep. The problem is that the dark-eyed have big problems with getting up early in the morning.

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  • Brown and amber eyes

This eye color is the most difficult to describe because it comes in many different shades. Sometimes it comes closer to green, other times it is golden. According to Dr. Matthew Leach from the University of South Australia, this unique eye color can be caused by … liver disorders, so it's no surprise thathazel-eyed people are more likely to have digestive problems. "In people with hazel eyes, the mixing of the different colors in the iris may have been caused by the effects of the metabolic products of the liver that entered the bloodstream due to liver disorders," says Dr. Leach.

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People with hazel eyes are good at finding themselves in a new situation, they like to be independent. They are spontaneous, open and friendly people.

They are also outgoing, they like adrenaline, fun and all kinds of entertainment. However, they are faithful and emotional. They can be trusted and entrusted with secrets. Sometimes they get angry quickly and explode, causing them to say a few words too much and hurt their loved ones.

  • Blue eyes

They say they are sentimentality, sensitivity and restraint. Usually, blue-eyed people are very nice, kind and polite people who are willing to go out to help others.

Although it is usually believed that fair-eyed people are closed in on themselves, women with blue eyes may have a particularly strong psyche and even highly developed selfishness. The dark blue shade of the iris is correlated with high spirituality.

Research has also confirmed that people with blue eyes are better at tasks that require analysis, developing detailed strategies, and using the skills of good planning and foresight.

  • Gray eyes

They are the domain of creative people with a strong personality, but a sensitive soul, ambitious and able to cope with any situation. Gray-haired people approach everything with great commitment, they do not rest on their laurels, they constantly want to give more and more. They have a very developed imagination and creative thinking.

People with gray eyes are brave in their professional lives, but they have problems with courage in their private lives. They are often loners, isolate themselves from others and are unable to decide on a permanent relationship, because they are characterized by too much caution in male-female relationships.

  • Green eyes

According to research, the green eye color is considered to be the sexiest and very attractive to the environment. People with green irises are considered outstanding and very intelligent individuals. They are usually calm, although they have a lot of energy and are very creative. They are not afraid of meeting deadlines and time pressure.

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Green Eyes can become good and responsible friends and faithful partners for life. Despite the fact that they are usually arranged, they can afford a bit of madness and extravagance.

Do you know that…

… you can have eyes of different colors. This happens very often and is called heterochromia. The same applies to the uneven distribution of the dye in the eye (e.g. brown around the pupil and blue on the rest of the iris). It does not have to be a symptom of the disease, although it is sometimes a component of genetic changes and may predispose to the development of eye diseases in the future. Doubts in this respect can only be dispelled by an ophthalmologist after a thorough eye examination.

Eye color and pain threshold

Some scientists argue that the color of our eyes may suggest our body's pain threshold. A recent study found that out of 58 women surveyed, those with light eyes appeared to experience less pain in labor compared to women with dark eyes. The women also experienced less anxiety, depression, and negative thoughts.

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Eye color and alcohol tolerance

The color of the eyes, as it turns out, can also determine the level of alcohol tolerance. A study by Georgia State University specialists revealed that dark-eyed people drink less than light-eyed people. Scientists have concluded that they may be more sensitive to the effects of alcohol and therefore consume less alcohol.

Other studies show that the color of our eyes can also indicate how much alcohol we can drink. Light-eyed people are better able to withstand more alcohol than dark-eyed people.

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Eye color and credibility

Is it possible for us to use eye color when choosing people we can trust? Scientists say it is because dark-eyed people seem much more trustworthy and trustworthy than those with blue eyes.

But it's not just a matter of the eyes - the shape of the face also matters here. Amazingly, the faces of people with dark eyes also appear more believable compared to others.

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