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I test ketones in my urine several times a day. I am 33 weeks pregnant and since the 24th week I have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes, which I treat with diet (insulin recommended "for", in emergencies - more than 120 mg% after an hour). My question is about urinary ketones. Sometimes between meals, e.g. before lunch or dinner, I lose traces of ketones in the stripes. What it comes from? In the morning urine also for several days started to appear "+ / _, +" what can I do to eliminate them? I would like to add that I eat my last supper after 10 pm.

The presence of ketone bodies in the urine may indicate improperly treated diabetes. Maybe you have too long intervals between meals. Ketone bodies are intermediate products of fat metabolism. Normally, ketone bodies are not seen in the urine. The presence of ketones in the urine (acetone, acetoacetic acid, beta-hydroxybutyric acid) may appear in the case of "starvation" or uncontrolled diabetes. However, it makes no sense to be nervous. It is best that you contact your attending physician.

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Agnieszka Ĺšlusarska

Owner of the 4LINE Dietary Clinic, chief dietitian at the Plastic Surgery Clinic of Dr. A. Sankowski, tel .: 502 501 596,

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