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My question is about the number of meals per day. There is a fashion to eat 5 meals a day in small portions, which supposedly increases metabolism. There are also sources that say that the number of meals is not important, but their quality and caloric value. It does not matter if we eat 5 or 1 meal, but it is important that it does not exceed our daily calorie requirement. So what is the truth? Are we doomed to gaining weight by eating large meals (2 or 3 daily with the appropriate calorific value), and by eating the same amount of calories in 5 portions, we will not gain weight?

It all depends on the individual capabilities of a given organism, the composition of meals, insulin secretion, etc. There are people who have such a metabolism that they do not have to pay attention to the number or frequency of meals. Regular distribution of meals means that our body does not switch to the saving mode and does not store body fat. Five smaller meals a day allows you to regulate blood sugar fluctuations, we do not have sudden hunger pangs, a feeling of nervousness and irritation, often associated with a sense of hunger. However, there are people, e.g. with hyperinsulinemia, whose insulin levels remain high for a long time after a meal. Such people should eat 3-4 meals instead of 5.

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Agnieszka Ślusarska

Owner of the 4LINE Dietary Clinic, chief dietitian at the Plastic Surgery Clinic of Dr. A. Sankowski, tel .: 502 501 596,

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