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Fat burning exercise is a training designed in such a way that you burn 150 kcal within 10 minutes. It is a typical slimming workout: it eliminates fat on the abdomen and thighs and sculpts the buttocks. Watch the 10-minute fat burning Oli Żelazo exercise.

Fat burning exercises: skip A

It is a run in a place with high knee lift (to the level of obtaining a right angle between the thigh and the torso). Perform the exercise so as not to show the sole to the person standing at the back. Lift your feet dynamically, remembering that it should be lifted parallel to the ground.

Fat Burning Workout: Pulling Your Knees To Your Chest

Sit on the mat, support yourself with your hands behind your back, and vigorously bring your knees to your chest and straighten them. Repeat the exercise as many times as possible within 30 seconds.

Fat burning exercise: standing scissors

Start with the left leg at the front and the right leg at the back of the torso. Make dynamic jumps by changing legs. Work the arms in the same way, taking care to move them alternately with the legs, e.g. left leg in front, right arm in front and vice versa for the other leg and arm.

Fat Burning Exercises: Russian Twists

Sit on the mat, bend your legs at a 45-degree angle and lift your heels off the ground. Twist your torso by touching the floor with your hands on one side and on the other side.

Fat burning exerciseswith Ola Żelazo is a demanding but very effective set. Before you start, get ready for a big challenge and that you will become a belly fat killer.

The presented training is a perfect complement to medium intensity exercises. This type of cardio training improves endurance and allows your body to do more in the future.

The following set of fat burning exercises last 10 minutes, and each exercise takes 30 seconds.

Watch 10 Minutes Turbo Fat Burning Workout with Ola Żelazo

Fat Burning Exercises: Rompers

Stand up straight, legs together, arms at your sides on your thighs. Jump out by swinging your legs sideways and clap over your head. Get down on your apart legs, keeping your hands up. Pop out again andland in the starting position.

Fat burning exercises: exercise bike with oblique crunches

The most popular exercise for the abdominal muscles is known to a child for every bicycle. In this set, it is additionally made difficult by crunches with twisting the torso.

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Fat burning exercise: "the floor burns"

Stand hip-width apart. Pull in your stomach and tighten your buttocks. Run in place, dropping only on your toes, as if you want to touch the smallest part of the floor with your foot. Do the exercise as quickly as you can.

Fat burning exercises: crunches with touching feet with fingers

Lie down on the mat, legs joined together, lift up vertically. Raise your torso like crunches, lifting your arms up and trying to touch your toes with your fingers.

Fat Burning Exercise: Jumping Waist Twists

Stand on the legs joined together, arms extended, extended to the sides (they form one line with the arms). Jumping up, you turn your torso left and right. Make sure that the torso is stationary, and that only the lower body is working.

Fat Burning Exercises: Board With Torso Twists

Make a plank, hold the basic position for a while and start twisting back and forth, turning only the upper body.

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