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Among dozens of diets, another way to lose weight has appeared. The 5: 2 diet was developed by medical journalist Dr. Mosley. The new method of losing excess weight has met with great recognition in Great Britain, and recently the book "Dr. Mosley's Diet 5: 2" can be bought in Poland.

The phenomenondiet 5: 2lies in its simplicity. It is uncomplicated and that is why it delighted so many people.

What is Diet 5: 2

The diet is based on the fact that for 5 days we eat normal meals, worth about 1600-1800 calories, and for the next two days we fast. Some people call this period fasting, but the diet presupposes eating about 500 kcal. daily. The 5: 2 diet differs from other diets in that its application does not prohibit consumption of any products, but imposes regular restrictions on the size of meals. It assumes rational nutrition combined with fasting periods in order to get the body used to smaller portions and regular cleansing. The rule is simple - the less you eat, the more likely you will lose weight.

Is the 5: 2 diet he althy?

Some say Dr. Mosley's diet is back to its roots. Cleansing the body by under-eating and regularly reducing meals are compared to historical periods of starvation or under-eating. According to Dr. Mosley, eating habits will change by themselves after regular use of his diet, and this will guarantee a long-lasting effect. In addition, it is known that gluttony is not good for he alth, and fasting brings benefits for the entire body, therefore the author's explanations of the diet seem quite logical.

According to others, diet is the opposite of what we know about nutrition. If the body regularly lacks calories, then in times of normal eating it will store excess fat and use the stored reserves in times of under-eating.

Diet 5: 2 not for greedy people

The assumption of the diet is the skillful and gradual reduction of the stomach by under-eating, which is to lead to the fact that our daily portions will be smaller. Therefore, the 5: 2 diet is not recommended for any foodies who, after a two-day fast, decide to eat more than they have eaten so far. It will be more effective for people who can control their nutrition and will not eat everything after two days of fasting

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