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The 1500 kcal diet prevents you from feeling severely hungry. The menu in a 1500 kcal diet can be composed in such a way that, despite certain limitations, you can enjoy eating. What is the menu for 7 days in a 1500 kcal diet?

The 1500 kcal menuis varied and will keep you from feeling hungry as long as you haven't consumed too many calories before. With a large caloric difference, in the first days of usingthe 1500 kcal dietyou may experience unpleasant symptoms (e.g. headache), but fortunately they pass quickly.

1500 kcal diet: weekly menu - day 1

  • breakfast - pepper casserole, a glass of cocoa (a teaspoon of cocoa - 3g, a glass of milk 0.5% - 200 ml)
  • 2nd breakfast - kiwi and bran yoghurt (137 kcal): 2 tablespoons of wheat bran (12 g) mixed with a container of natural yoghurt (150 g) and kiwi fruit (60 g)
  • dinner - fried eggs with broccoli and sour milk (525 kcal): 3 medium-sized boiled potatoes (225 g); tablespoon of chopped dill, 2 eggs (100 g) fried on 1 teaspoon of butter (5 g), half a cup of cooked broccoli (100 g), 1 large cucumber (100 g), sliced ​​mixed with 2 tablespoons of yoghurt cream (20 g), 1 cup of curdled milk (200 ml) to drink
  • dinner - cottage cheese paste with vegetables, 2 slices of crispbread with sesame seeds (22g), half a grapefruit (150 g), unlimited unsweetened tea

1500 kcal diet: weekly menu - day 2

  • breakfast - graham bread thinly spread with soft margarine, 2 slices of poultry sirloin, chicory, tomato and pickled cucumber salad with a teaspoon of olive oil and fresh herbs, cereal coffee in milk 2% without sugar
  • 2nd breakfast - lean cottage cheese mixed with blueberries or strawberries (can be frozen) and oatmeal
  • dinner - a bowl of tomato soup whitened with natural yoghurt with brown rice, cod fillet in yoghurt-paprika sauce, jacket potatoes, boiled broccoli, compote without sugar
  • afternoon tea - fruit jelly, large peach or apple
  • dinner - chicken salad, a slice of wholemeal bread, green tea without sugar

1500 kcal diet: weekly menu - day 3

  • breakfast - omelette with green peas
  • 2nd breakfast - banana
  • dinner - paprikastuffed with buckwheat
  • afternoon tea - 2 medium apples (300 g)
  • dinner - tuna salad

1500 kcal diet: weekly menu - day 4

  • breakfast - two scrambled eggs with chives, fried with 1/3 teaspoon of butter, a slice of bread
  • 2nd breakfast - a slice of crispbread thinly greased with butter, radishes, an apple
  • dinner - a cup of pure red borscht, two pancakes with turkey meat, lettuce with a teaspoon of vinaigrette
  • afternoon tea - a small bunch of grapes (200 g)
  • dinner - 40 g of pasta baked with a glass of blanched broccoli

1500 kcal diet: weekly menu - day 5

  • breakfast - light cottage cheese, cucumber, grahamka (100 g)
  • 2nd breakfast - lean yogurt mixed with cucumber and radish
  • dinner - 200 g roasted chicken without the skin with herbs, two tablespoons of rice, tomato salad
  • afternoon tea - banana
  • dinner - 100 g smoked fish, two slices of bread thinly buttered

1500 kcal diet: weekly menu - day 6

  • breakfast - 50 g sirloin or ham, a slice of bread, a few leaves of lettuce
  • 2nd breakfast - a pear or two carrots
  • dinner - 250 g sweet cabbage soup with tomatoes, 300 g lazy dumplings on lean cheese, 150 g carrot and apple salad, 200 g apple juice
  • afternoon tea - 1/3 medium melon (400 g pulp)
  • dinner - 3 tablespoons of muesli with fruit, a glass of low-fat milk

1500 kcal diet: weekly menu - day 7

  • breakfast - 100 g of semi-fat cottage cheese with chives, tomato, a slice of bread thinly greased with butter
  • 2nd breakfast - a hard-boiled egg with a teaspoon of low-fat mayonnaise and chives, a slice of bread
  • dinner - 200 g of a lean roast pork loin, two potatoes, a bouquet of vegetables made of water
  • afternoon tea - homogenized cheese (150 g)
  • dinner - salad with half a cup of cooked rice and the same amount of cooked red beans, plus a teaspoon of vinaigrette juice
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