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You do not have the time or the desire to be physically active. Or you lack willpower … and you would like to say goodbye to those 4-5 kilos quickly and irretrievably. Give it a try now. Here is modern fitness casually that will allow you to burn calories without unnecessary effort.

How to lose weight ? How to speed upburningcalories? - this question keeps you awake at night. The answer is at your fingertips. Here is a fitness proposition for the lazy. For a few minutes each hour of the day, you will be doing exercises that only you will know. You can do them while talking to a client, photocopying, making phone calls, watching TV, surfing the Internet … These exercises will help you burn 400 kcal a day. By extending the duration of their exercise, you increase the amount of calories burned.

10 calories in 2 minutes in the shower

Warming up - take an alternating cold and warm shower. Always direct the stream of water towards the heart - start from the feet and move the shower knob upwards. Take a sponge in your hands and squeeze it tightly - do 2 series in 1 minute. For the next minute, do a few push-ups - lean your arms against the wall - bend and straighten them.

30 calories in 3 minutes during breakfast

Whether you are making your own coffee or making toasts - don't stand idle. Perform a few vigorous digs with your legs, box with an invisible opponent. These dynamic movements lasting no more than 3 minutes will make your body burn calories for another hour.

Which exercises burn the most calories?

25 calories in 6 minutes on the way to work

This is the best time to take care of a flat stomach. Pull your belly button in with all your might every minute, as if you were trying to stick it to your spine. Keep counting to 10. Get your sphincters to work this way.

25 calories in 5 minutes in front of the computer

Do not sit idly in front of the monitor. Grasp the pillow with your knees and squeeze it tightly. Thanks to this, you exercise your thighs and abdominal muscles. Squeeze her for 10 seconds during each hour of sitting.

150 calories in 20 minutes at lunch

During the lunch break, do not sit idly by, treat yourself to a brisk walk-walk to the nearest lunch-bar. Eat a salad there and go back to work on foot.Do not use the elevator - go up the stairs. The ideal would be to take a 5-minute walk every hour of work.

50 calories in 5 minutes with photocopying

Boring copying of documents does not have to be a waste of time. While standing at the machine, imagine that you are holding a dice between your buttocks - your task is to tighten the muscles of the buttocks so that it does not fall out. You can also walk, jump, and tiptoe in several bursts - each one minute by the time. Remember that no one sees what you are doing …

90 calories in 5 minutes in a hypermarket

In the store, take two baskets in your hand, fill them evenly with shopping. Lift the baskets up on straightened hands, bend and straighten it, be sure to move around at this time. These exercises are not done standing.

50 calories in 5 minutes on the couch in front of the TV

Don't sit idle in front of tv. On the couch, squirm, lift your buttocks, exercise your abdominal muscles by lowering straight and joined legs to the floor, move the bent knees from right to left. Spin for 55 minutes, exercise for 5 minutes.

30 calories in 10 minutes when talking on the phone

If you still have a large, inflatable ball that you can sit on, do as soon as possible. From now on, when talking on the phone, you will sit on it and exercise the muscles that curb the pelvis and the muscles of the thighs. Just trying to keep your balance to sit on a ball like this engages all your muscles, not just your stomach. You burn an extra amount of calories.

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