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There is information that the tapeworm diet works wonders. However, no doctor recommends such a weight loss method. The easiest way to buy tablets is via the Internet - distributors advertise themselves on the forums, who hardly mention the dramatic side effects.

The great need to lose weight is a problem for many women. Some people reach for Chinese tapeworm tablets. Where are the agents that cause avitaminosis and anemia available and how much do they cost?

Where to buy tablets with tapeworm head?

You buy tapeworm tablets online. Contact numbers are available on various forums and auction sites. On the Internet, information about the miraculous effects of tablets is overshadowed by the appeals of doctors about the tragic consequences of their use. However, it is worth finding out in advance how to get rid of the tapeworm after the "miracle diet". In the human body, the tapeworm reaches a length of 15 meters. Effective getting rid of the parasite is not as simple as it is shown by information provided by distributors. long and tiring.

How much do parasite pills cost?

Tablets with a tapeworm head cost about PLN 2,000 for 30 tablets, but you can also buy them individually on popular auction sites. Customers negotiate and distributors reduce prices even by half, because the competition on the market is very fierce. The method is controversial and harms not only he alth, but also the lives of some patients, so everyone wants to sell the suspect goods from China as soon as possible.

The good prices and the promises of unbelievable effects are mainly fooled by Polish teenagers who do not think about the future results. Swallowing tablets with a tapeworm head leads to the nesting of the "worm" in the body. The weight loss effect is very fast. However, this is also when complications begin: vomiting, headaches, diarrhea, and avitaminosis. Doctors warn against this method of losing weight. The introduction of the tapeworm into the body leads to exhaustion, infections of the digestive system or anemia.

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