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Scorzonera (snake, black root) has many nutritional values. However, it owes its he alth properties mainly to one ingredient - inulin, which lowers blood sugar, bad cholesterol, improves digestion and cleanses the body of toxins. Check what other he alth effects of scorzonera.

Skorzonera(LatinScorzonera hispanica ), otherwisesnake mord,black root or winter asparagus is a vegetable whosehe alth propertiesare not very appreciated in Poland. It's a pity, because scorzonera has numerousnutritional values ​​ . Many vitamins and minerals can be found in the edible root with dark brown or black skin and white flesh. In the past, it was believed that scorzonera also contains substances that help fight snake venom - hence the name snake mord and scorzonera (corzonera in Italian means black poisonous snake). Scorzonera was used not only for snake bites. Louis XVI ordered the cultivation of scorzonera on a mass scale because he was convinced that it healed "a damaged stomach". Currently, snake is also recommended in digestive ailments, as well as for hypertension, lowering sugar and cholesterol levels, mental exhaustion, cleansing the body of toxins and slimming. All mainly thanks to one ingredient - inulin.

Skorzonera (wężymord) in a diabetic diet

The inulin contained in scaler is a carbohydrate which - due to its blood sugar lowering effect - is used in the nutrition of people suffering from diabetes. Inulin helps to normalize blood glucose levels in the course of type 2 diabetes and to reduce insulin resistance.

Scorzonera (snake) lowers cholesterol and regulates blood pressure

Inulin also helps to lower the level of "bad" HDL cholesterol in the body, and thus prevents the development of atherosclerosis. Snakeymord also regulates blood pressure, including thanks to the high potassium content.

Worth knowing

Nutritional values ​​of scorzonera (in 100 g)Energy value - 63 kcal Total protein - 0.5 g Fat - 0.4 g Carbohydrates - 10.5 gVitaminsVitamin C - 4.0 mg Thiamine - 0.11 mg Riboflavin - 0.04 mg Niacin - 0.4 mg Vitamin B6 - 0.08 mg Folic acid - 31 µg Vitamin A (RAE) - 0.3 µg Vitamin E- <0.1 mg Vitamin K - 1.44 µg<0,1 mgWitamina K - 1.44 µgMineralsCalcium - 53 mg Iron - 3.3 mg Magnesium - 23 mg Phosphorus - 76 mg Potassium - 320 mg Sodium - 5 mg Selenium - 0.4 µg mgData Source: Fineli Food Composition Database

Skorzonera (snake) in ailments of the digestive system

In addition, scorzonera strengthens immunity, helps in the treatment of colds and effectively fights coughs.

Scorzonera regulates the work of the stomach, facilitates digestion and helps with many ailments of the digestive system. It is all mainly due to inulin, which is a prebiotic - a medium for the development of bacterial microflora, which enables proper digestion in the intestine and strengthens the immune system. In addition, inulin stimulates intestinal peristalsis, thus helping to get rid of constipation.

Scorzonera (snake) cleanses the body of toxins

Inulin, in combination with pectins and fiber, cleanses the body by binding harmful compounds and accelerating their excretion, which is why scorzonera is recommended for detoxification of the body.

Skorzonera (snake) in the convalescent diet

Modern phytotherapy recommends scorzonera to people who work mentally, weakened and exhausted - both physically and mentally. Snakeymord should also be included in the diet of convalescents after severe and debilitating diseases.

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Skorzonera - where to buy? What's the price?

Skorzonera is not popular in our country, so you cannot get it in every vegetable store. People who would like to find out about the healing properties of scorzonera should look for it in organic food stores. The price for 1 kg is about PLN 20-25.

Skorzonera (snake) for slimming

Skorzonera removes excess water from the body, is low in calories (100 g provides 63 kcal) and provides fiber that gives you a feeling of satiety for a long time. These are the arguments for including snake in your slimming diet.

Skorzonera (wężymord) - use in the kitchen

The roots of scorzonera are harvested in autumn - in October and November. They can also be dug throughout the winter, if the weather conditions allow it and the soil is not frozen. After harvesting, the scorzonera should be peeled and boiled in s alted and sweetened water for 25-30 minutes. Then it is fit for consumption. It is worth knowing that the peeled scorzonera darkens quickly. To prevent this, it is recommended to sprinkle it with lemon juice.

Skorzonera resembles asparagus (only more flour) and can be served like asparagus, e.g. with various sauces or with butter and breadcrumbs. It can also be baked inin the oven, pour olive oil and honey with the addition of finely chopped garlic. However, it tastes best when cooked or baked under béchamel sauce and sprinkled with parsley. Cooked scorzonera can be added to scrambled eggs or an omelette.

Wężymord - what vegetable is hidden under this name?

Source: Dzień Dobry TVN / x-news

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Wine recipe with scorzonera (snake)

Prepare 60 g of fresh ends of young scorzonera shoots, 1 liter of dry white wine, 100 ml of spirit (70%).

Roots of scorzonera thoroughly clean, wash and blend. Pour the resulting pulp with siitus mixed with 0.5 l of wine and leave it for an hour, stirring frequently. After an hour, add the rest of the wine and set aside in a warm place for a week. After this time, drain the liquid through a filter paper. Drink wine, if necessary, 25 grams three times a day after eating. They should be served chilled to 8-10 degrees C.

This wine is recommended for people who are physically and mentally exhausted, as well as for convalescents after severe and debilitating diseases.

The recipe comes from: Sarwa A., Healing tinctures. 265 recipes for tinctures, liqueurs, wine, spirits, honey, ed. Book and Knowledge, Warsaw 2011

Source: Dzień Dobry TVN / x-news

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