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How to choose swimming goggles so that they do not leak, pinch or fall off your head while swimming? Who will be better for glasses with a thick, soft silicone rim, and for whom it will be more comfortable to swim in the so-called hard glasses that sit deeper in the eye socket? You can find the answers in the guide below.

Whatswimming gogglesbuy? Those that will not take away your enjoyment of your time in the pool, will not fog up and let water in. These parameters depend not only on the quality of the materials from which they are made, but also on the appropriate fit to the shape and size of the face. It is not worth buying the cheapest models of swimming goggles, because their durability will probably be low, but the most expensive models do not have to be the most comfortable.

Do you have to wear goggles in the pool? Yes, because the glasses protect the eyes from irritation with chlorinated water and conjunctivitis.

Swimming goggles - selection criteria

When standing in front of a shelf with swimming goggles in a sports shop, we are faced with choosing swimming equipment that we cannot test in water, which makes it much more difficult to make the right purchase. Therefore, in many cases, buying swimming goggles is about buying one pair, testing it in the pool, and if it turns out that the goggles do not fit (e.g. fogging, leaking or uncomfortable), buying another pair. And so on, until you manage to find the perfect pair.

To minimize the need to buy a few pairs of goggles, you can check in the store how the eyepiece fits your face, whether it is properly attached and holds in the eye socket - this way you will at least avoid the unpleasantness caused by pouring chlorinated water under the eyepiece.

How to do it? You have to open your eyes wide, press the glasses against the sockets and suck the air out, squeezing it from under the rubber shells.

Swimming goggles - how to test them in the store

See in the video what you can check with swimming goggles in the store and what to look for when choosing glasses:

Source: Studio Active / TVN Meteo Active / x-news

If the glasses stick on and do not fall off the eye sockets for a few seconds, you can be more confident that this model will also fit well under water.

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Swimming goggles - model differences

Before you buy your swimming goggles, determine your level of advancement and how often you will use them. For beginners, soft glasses are recommended because they are more comfortable. Advanced swimmers who spend a lot of time in the pool prefer the so-called swedish - tough professional glasses.

Soft glasses- recommended for beginners and amateurs. They have a thick layer of rubber rim which prevents the eyepiece from sticking tightly into the eye socket.

Semi-professional glasses- they have much less rubber rim than soft glasses, and the swimmer feels them more strongly on the face. However, advanced people swim in them more comfortably due to the larger viewing angle.

Anti fog - the inner coating protects the glasses against fogging (necessary in case of large differences in water and air temperature).

Tip:If you decide to wear soft glasses, choose the ones with rubber (silicone) clinging to the face. Cheaper models on a sponge let water through more often, and after longer swimming in the pool, they leave unsightly deformations on the face.

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Hard glasses (Swedish type)- intended for people who swim a lot and often. Swedish women have practically no soft rubber bands, and the probability that the eyepiece will stick to the eye socket is small. These are high-performance glasses with a wide viewing angle, which is essential during competitions.

Goggles with mirror function - reduce brightness and shine, improve the comfort of swimming.

Well-fitted Swedish women should not stick into the eye sockets, but they certainly embed themselves very deeply, which can cause discomfort. The advantage of such swimming goggles is that they can be individually adjusted to the distance between the face - they are bought in a set consisting of two separate lenses, a string to connect them on the nose, and a double rubber to put on the head and accessories for assembly.

Sample pricesswimming goggles:

Source: Studio Active / TVN Meteo Active / x-news

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