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Sports bags are universal and functional - they have different uses depending on the model. A sports bag should be selected for the sport we are practicing or for its purpose. In stores you will find, among others sports travel bags, swimming pool, fitness, gym bags, travel bags and racket sports bags. Which one to choose for yourself? Check what an ideal training bag should look like.

A sports bag is every athlete's best friend. Thanks to it, we can take all the things necessary for training with us. A well-chosen sports bag will accommodate a change of clothes, equipment, sports gadgets, as well as our private things. Before choosing a training bag for ourselves, we should pay attention to its purpose, size, shape and workmanship. You can find many types of sports bags on the market, we suggest which one to choose for yourself!

Why a sports bag?

A sports bag has many uses and depending on what type of sports bag you choose, it will have different functions. We need a sports bag to pack various useful things for training, such as: shoes, outfit, provisions, water bottle or other sports gadgets and equipment. We can successfully take it to the swimming pool, gym or outdoor training. The sports bag is light, functional and very versatile. It will be suitable both for direct training, as well as for tourist purposes or on a further journey.

Sports bag - what should you consider when choosing a training bag?

When choosing the right training bag, we should follow its intended use. Sports bags will differ in shape, size and functionality. We should take all of this into account and think carefully about our purchase.


At the beginning, it is worth considering what size of bag we need. Large bags will work well on sports camps, when we have to pack for several days or even weeks. On the other hand, medium-sized bags will be perfect for the gym or fitness classes, when you have to take a change of clothes, shoes, a towel and other sports gadgets with you. A small bag will be good for sports training of a different nature, when we do not have to take a lot of things with us, it will be useful at the pool or atoutdoor training not far from home.

The capacity of a sports bag is usually given in liters. The following sizes are most often distinguished: 35-45 l, 45-60 l and 65-100 l, i.e. a small bag, a medium bag and a large bag. The capacity in liters depends on the store and brand of the bag, so be sure to check it carefully before buying.

When it comes to the shape of a sports bag, oval, oblong and rectangular are most often distinguished. The oblong bags are usually smaller, but more handy, while the rectangular bags are large and will fit a lot of things.


Sports bags are usually divided into those made of leather and those made of plastic:

  • Leather bags : will be a good solution for people who appreciate elegant and stylish style. A leather bag will also be suitable for those who often go on business trips or go to the gym straight after work. It is worth noting that a leather bag will be heavier and its price will be higher than that of a plastic bag.
  • Plastic bags : Most often they are made of waterproof polyester, which is a very functional material. You can take this weatherproof bag with you wherever you go. The bag made of plastic is also light, handy and relatively cheap.


Sports bags are dedicated to both women and men, as well as children. They differ mainly in color, and what we choose is a matter of taste. Bags for ladies will be more bright and colorful, and those for men will be subdued and matte.

Children's bags will stand out with accessories: patches, inscriptions, colorful inserts and an adjustable strap. Bags intended for children also have a different size - they are much smaller than those dedicated to adults.

What must a good training bag have?

A sports bag should meet three criteria: it must be comfortable, roomy and functional. In order to buy one, it is worth paying attention to the type of sports bag, because it cannot burden our spine and should be so comfortable to wear that we will be able to walk with it even several kilometers. There are three types of bags on the market:

  1. Shoulder bag- when buying it, pay attention to the strap of the bag. It must be soft and wide so that it does not cut into our shoulder and does not cause abrasions and bruises. It is also worth checking if the strap is adjustable before buying.
  2. Bag-backpack- a bag, which is also a backpack, is an excellent choice for those who have a lot of luggage and have to walk longer distances with it. Such a bag, apart from the usual shoulder strap, also has a harness that can be put on the back. Perfect for tourism and hiking.
  3. Bag with a handle for a hand- this type is a shoulder bag, which additionally includes two smaller handles that allow you to hold it in your hand. It therefore has two variants of wearing: on the shoulder and in the hand.

A sports bag for training should also be equipped with special pockets for shoes, equipment and other gadgets that cannot move loosely on the bag. A sports bag should also be made of light material so that it does not burden our joints. After training, our clothes and shoes are sweaty, so it is worth that the bag is also equipped with breathable material that provides good ventilation.

Sports bag - types

We can find various types of sports bags in stores. The most frequently purchased models are:

  • fitness bag : it is small but handy and extremely roomy. It has many compartments and pockets for storing all kinds of things, because nowadays we more and more often go to the gym and fitness after work or study. For this reason, fitness bags are adapted to fulfill their task on various types of occasions.
  • team sports bag : this is used to describe large-size shoulder bags with large capacity. They are suitable for carrying all the necessary sports accessories, e.g. balls for games, change of shoes, sports gadgets. Such bags usually have additional compartments that separate equipment from clothes and private things that we take with us on a sports camp or on a further journey.
  • racket sports bag : it is sewn in the shape of a tennis racket to be able to safely carry it and fit even a few pieces of equipment inside. It has an oblong and oval shape, it can be worn in the hand, on the back and over the shoulder, which makes it extremely functional and universal.
  • pool bag : the pool bags are made of a special quality, waterproof material. Thanks to this, we do not have to worry about getting it wet in the locker room or in the shower. Such bags are usually of a medium type to fit any size of pool lockers. Pool bags have larger and smaller pockets in which you can pack a cap, flip-flops or swimming goggles without fear that they will get lost in the bag.

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