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The first effects of crunches can be seen after 2 weeks, and clear results - at least after a month of regular training. However, if you are counting on the fact that the crunches will slim you, you are wrong. This exercise is designed to strengthen your muscles and shape your abs, but it won't burn fat - unless you combine it with cardio exercises. Check the effects of crunches.

Docrunchesgivea slimming effect ? It might seem like the abdominal presses work like that, but it's not true. If you want to get rid of the duffle, don't count on crunches alone to lose fat around your waist. Yes, they will strengthen the muscles and firm the skin, thanks to which it will not be so "jelly", but it will not give the effect of a flat stomach.

10 minutes of doing sit-ups burns just 30 kcal. To lose weight, better choose a different type of workout

In that case, should people who are slimming down give up crunches? Of course not - it's still a great exercise, but the best results will bring you when you combine it with a proper diet and cardio training.

See the benefits of exercising your crunches.

Crunch Effects: Strengthening Abdominal Muscles

Crunches are worth doing primarily because they strengthen the abdominal muscles. This is one of the most important muscle groups in humans, because it is largely responsible for the stabilization of the entire body. A strong abdomen helps the spine to bear the daily burdens that result, among others, from from sitting for too long or bending over frequently.

If you have back pain, especially in the lumbar region, it is almost certain that your abs are in poor condition and need strengthening. For this purpose, perform not only regular crunches, but also crunches on a gym ball, and develop your sense of balance - this way you will engage the deep muscles to work.

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When do crunches lose weight?

Crunches can contribute to a slimmer abdomen, but as long as you combine them with cardio workouts or interval workouts. Strengthening exercise will burn calories to a small extent, but it will affect the overall appearance of your stomach - making it harder and firmer. For such an effect to a large extentthe condition of the transverse muscles suits you, which you train by doing various variants of crunches, including oblique ones.

How to do crunches to lose weight?

In order to lose weight, you should perform cardio training (cardio or intervals) 3-4 times a week, first for about 30 minutes, and then gradually extend the exercise time to 50-60 minutes. In addition, perform training directly aimed at the abdomen 3 times a week. You should also remember about diet - that's 2/3 of the success! You can use the ready-made menu for a flat stomach.

Here are the cardio and interval workouts that you do in addition to crunches:

  • Interval training on a stationary bike
  • Interval training at home without equipment
  • Elliptical exercises
  • Slimming exercise on the treadmill

Crunch effects: firming the skin on the abdomen

The effect of doing sit-ups is also the firming of the skin around the waist. Physical effort increases the production of collagen, i.e. the protein responsible for the density and elasticity of the skin. Hence, it is so important that people who are slimming not only use cardio training, but also exercise their crunches. Thanks to this, their skin will contract faster and there will be no risk of it becoming flaccid and saggy.

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After how long do you see the effects of crunches?

After the first two weeks of exercise, you can count on the optical slimming and firming of the abdomen. You will see the effects of crunches in the form of visibly outlined muscles, i.e. a radiator, at least after a month of exercise - of course, provided that you burn fat beforehand.

The effects of crunches: belly radiator

If you really put your effort into training and increase the amount of protein in your diet, the desired radiator will appear on your belly. To achieve such an effect, simple crunches lying down are not enough - you need to use abdominal exercises of greater variety, e.g. on a bar, ball, on a bench and with the use of devices, e.g. abdominal muscles. Versatile muscle stimulation will sculpt them and sharpen the drawing of transverse lines dividing the straight muscles (the so-called tendon streaks).

Crunch effects: waist shaping

Girls will surely be pleased with the fact that crunches perfectly shape the waist. Undoubtedly, the best exercise of this type is the russian twist, which is the twisting of the torso while sitting with the feet lifted off the ground. It works primarily on the oblique abdominal muscles, which are most responsible for the sexy waistline. You can strengthen the effects of this kind of crunches by rolling the hula hoop for a few minutes a day.

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Appliances for making sit-ups

There are devices available on the market to facilitate or increase the effectiveness of crunches.

  • It is worth considering the purchase of, among others crunch circles. It is a device in the form of a wheel with two handles mounted on its axis, and exercises with it involve rolling the wheel on the floor in front of you while kneeling. This gadget causes that in addition to the straight and oblique abdominal muscles, also the deep muscles work.
  • Another useful piece of equipment may be a cradle for making sit-ups. Cradle exercises are recommended for people who have problems with the cervical spine. A specially designed frame with space for the head and handles relieves the neck and upper vertebrae of the spine during abdominal stress.

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