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Christmas Eve dishes, although fasting, are not low-calorie, what's more - fish and bigos are difficult to digest. If you overeat with their amount, you will feel the effects of overeating. Doctors are alarming: due to the lack of moderation in eating and drinking, the number of heart attacks, gall bladder inflammations and strokes increases during the holidays. How to prepare easily digestible Christmas Eve dishes?

Is Christmas Eve There is a way, you can try to slim downChristmas Eve dishesand make them more digestible for our stomach.Christmas Eve lightwill be he althy and tasty!

Easily digestible Christmas Eve light - slimming dishes

Start with the fish. The first step is extremely important - choosing the species of fish. Instead of fatty fish: salmon, carp or herring, you can choose lean and less caloric fish: tuna, cod, pike, grass carp. Another is the preparation method.

Instead of battered heavy fish, serve steamed fish, baked with herbs in the oven or prepared in jelly on the table. Also when preparing traditional Greek-style fish, you can replace fried pieces with boiled or steamed fish.

Such a dish is gentler on the stomach and much less caloric. When composing salads, choose fish that are low in fat. Skinny tuna is a perfect substitute for fatty salmon or mackerel.

You don't need to use cream or mayonnaise to prepare herring salads, just natural yoghurt and spices.

To save on calories, do not fry them once, heat them up in a microwave oven or put them in boiling water for a while.

In order to slim down the sauces, do not fill them with flour or roux, but with egg yolk or mixed vegetables.

When preparing noodles with poppy seeds, do not use butter, honey and dried fruit alone will make the taste of the dish enough.

Red borscht, beans are also safe and light dishes - but without a thick sauce, noodles or stew.

Although all dishes on Christmas Eve are fast, this supper can be made a delight for the palate. Although, according to tradition, each dish should be tasted (it is a guarantee of all good he alth in the coming year), the portions should be symbolic.

Christmas Eve light - move ithe alth

Do not give up traffic during the holidays. After your Christmas Eve dinner, go for a walk or a Midnight Mass. After feasting at the table, it is necessary to overcome heaviness and try outdoor activities. It's best to start with a slow walk.

While walking, try to straighten your figure, pull your stomach in, tense your thighs and buttocks. It is necessary to breathe deeply, because gusts of fresh air will improve blood circulation and give you energy.


Traditional Christmas Eve supper, consisting of 12 dishes (about 100 g each) with the addition of bread and sweet drinks provides about 3000 kcal. If they all "put up" you will gain about 300 grams of body fat. You will burn this amount of calories during a 15-hour walk.

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