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More than half of Polish women and men are ashamed to show naked in front of their partner. Research shows that we make love when the lights are off, under the covers and in the dark. Sex in the dark is not exciting, so it's worth breaking your shame and working on your complexes.

Research shows thatmore than half of Poles make love when the lights are off , under duvets and in the dark. We are ashamed ofnudity , we exaggerate minor imperfections, we despair of one more fold of fat. Prof. Zbigniew Lew-Starowicz claims that more than half of Poles are dissatisfied with their appearance. We'd rather not show ourselves naked to our partners at all. But is it possible to have any pleasure in caressing in the Egyptian darkness?

Ok. You're not perfect. You spend an hour in the bathroom in the morning and evening, and for the first few months you are reluctant to show yourself to your sweetheart, i.e. without makeup. You go to bed in full gear, giving up only lipstick and forty hairpins. And then you still beg him before sex to turn off the light, because he "offends", you prefer "more intimate", or in the end "someone else will see you". And you know perfectly well that the only thing is not to let him see you.

Why do women prefer to make love when the lights are off and men hate it?

If you think that he, in the heat of passion, will notice that you have unpainted toenails, a few pimples on your back and a slightly bloated stomach after the love dinner you prepared for him, you are deeply mistaken. For him, something else matters entirely. In addition, even in the light of the chandelier, he will not judge whether you have professionally painted your nails. First of all, he doesn't know anything about it, secondly - he prefers to stare at your breasts, buttocks or lips. Guys are visual learners. If you take away from him the pleasure of looking at you during sex, you might as well just walk out of the bedroom and leave him the big cot. For a man, the sight of a woman's body acts as the strongest aphrodisiac. Nothing else brings it to a boil more thanbody . Yours of course.

Spontane and the slack necessary in sex

Successful sex doesn't follow any rules or fancy structures. It has to be lively and spontaneous.If you start to think only about which way to turn so that he sees you in the "good light", or if you stand with your back, because in your opinion you have completely, completely, sooner or later a catastrophe will happen. Some women work out the art of looking beautiful and alluring almost to perfection. For example, they don't let their bras take off, and they are ready for sex only after showering, epilation, and fragrant oils. Quick numbers are not an option at all. Neither in the evening nor right after waking up, because you get up at dawn to make it with a complete toilet in front of it. Someone will do it first. Either you break and break the relationship in frustration, or he can't stand your persuasion and looks for a more "open" girl. One that won't make a dread of a few stretch marks on the thigh.

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