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Sunbathing during pregnancy is not recommended, and you dream about sunbathing on the B altic Sea and do not know how to reconcile it? You can have a great time on a pregnant beach as long as you follow a few rules. What to do to make sunbathing during pregnancy safe?

Before you decide tosunbathing during pregnancy , talk to your doctor and make sure that he or she does not see any contraindications and ask how much time you can spendw pregnancy on the beach .

Pregnant on the beach: why the sun is bad for pregnant

When the sun is shining brightly, you feel better as the ultraviolet rays stimulate the production of endorphins, called happiness hormones. Under their influence, the body also produces vitamin D, which is also needed by adults. But there is also the other side of the coin - too much sun harms a pregnant woman in several ways:

  • under the influence of hormonal changes during pregnancy, the skin's sensitivity to ultraviolet radiation increases, and thus, there is a tendency to discoloration that is difficult to remove
  • When we use the sun, apart from ultraviolet rays, infrared radiation, IR, or thermal radiation, also affects us. It widens blood vessels, which means that many future mothers have a mesh of unsightly "spider veins" on their skin
  • pregnancy promotes the formation of pigmented lesions, and sometimes the growth of those that already exist. Visible light, which affects us also on cloudy days, is not only responsible for the formation of discolorations, but also for the fact that they often come back and it is difficult to get rid of them. Discoloration occurs in up to 15% of pregnant women

When sunbathing, however, not only radiation is dangerous - too high temperature can cause complications. That's why you now have to use the sun in moderation, and when going to the beach, follow some important rules.

According to an expertBarbara GrzechociƄska, MD, PhD, obstetrician gynecologist, assistant professor at the 1st Department and Clinic of Obstetrics and Gynecology of the Medical University of Warsaw

Is it possible to sunbathe while breastfeeding?

Hello, I would like to know if breastfeeding has any effect on sunbathing? I mean natural sunbathing in the sun, as well as sunbathing in the solarium. Am I allowed to go to the solariumand sunbathe naked if I'm breastfeeding?

Barbara GrzechociƄska: Answering your question: breastfeeding has no effect on sunbathing. You will get sunburned, regardless of whether you are breastfeeding or not. However, you should not sunbathe for too long and only 6 weeks after giving birth.

Pregnant sunbathing: sun protection

  • For pregnant women, the safest are sunscreen creams that protect against visible light, preventing discoloration and a pregnancy mask - molasses
  • The filter should have the highest possible protective factor (SPF 50+) and protect not only against UVB, but also against UVA (UVA sign in the circle on the packaging)
  • minimum is an SPF 30 filter, the best creams with SPF 50 and SPF 50 +
  • Apply sunscreen at least twenty minutes before going outside
  • remember that for the cream to properly protect the skin, you should apply 2 mg of cream to 1 cm square of skin at a time
  • if you are taking any medications (e.g. anti-diabetic or some antibiotics), find out if they will not cause allergic reactions, hives, rashes, discoloration under the influence of the sun
  • in pregnancy, especially carefully protect the birthmarks and sensitive parts of the body: mouth, ears and neck
  • To avoid discoloration, do not spray your skin with toilet water or make-up before going to the beach

Pregnant sunbathing: how to avoid overheating?

The heat is not favorable for pregnancy - overheating is harmful to the fetus, it may cause bleeding from the genital tract, even if you are sitting in the shade and under an umbrella. Therefore, when you feel that you are hot, go into the water or spray yourself with thermal water in a spray.

  • Avoid sunbathing between 11 am and 3 pm - this is the beach "rush hour" - the sun is the most hot and the beach is also crowded. After 4 p.m. it usually gets looser. There is no longer a noisy crowd, it is easier to find a place, it is also a little cooler, and the water in the sea is warm, making your bath more pleasant.
  • pack still mineral water in your bag - on hot days the body loses a lot of water, so you should drink a lot to replenish your supplies

Pregnant beach: this is what you need to remember

  • If you have a big stomach, do not place the blanket directly on the sand, because in this position your spine will quickly start to hurt. It's best to stretch out comfortably on a deckchair or in a beach basket. They can be rented on most coastal beaches. You must also protect yourself from the sun and heat under a beach umbrella.
  • During pregnancy, the eyesight often deteriorates, hormonal changes can cause swelling in the eyeball, therefore the image maybe slightly blurred. Pregnancy hormones also alter the composition of your tears, causing your eyes to sting and water. Strong sun can exacerbate these problems, so make sure you wear sunscreen when you go outside. If you are just going to buy them, do not do it at the beach stand, but in a professional optician's shop - you will be sure that the lenses do have filters.
  • Sea air whets your appetite, so remember to eat something like sandwiches or fruit as well. If you stay hungry for too long, your blood sugar will drop and you may feel faint.

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