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Anyone who knows aromatherapy knows how strong the power of the fragrance is. Properly selected perfumes can work wonders. They stimulate the senses, make you feel good, give you energy or calm you down.

Aromatherapyspecialists have long been usingfragrancesto heal the body and soul. Although we do not know the mechanism of action of essential oils yet, we eagerly reach for cosmetics containing them andperfumes . They are certainly a more pleasant medicine to improve your mood than a visit to a therapist or swallowing pills.

Perfume - fleeting creations

We use this fragrant "medicine" most often and willingly in the form of perfume. The more likely that we have a lot of options to choose from. It used to be believed that a woman should be faithful to one fragrance. Now we can change perfumes like … gloves. We "wear" others with a little black dress, others with jeans. Some emphasize our character, with the help of others we hide the true "me", becoming a sensually fragrant temptress, a sweet girl wrapped in the scent of flowers or an energetic woman surrounded by the scent of citrus and herbs.

Perfumes develop over time

Fragrance makers can choose from over 30,000. ingredients of plant, animal and synthetic origin. Selected ingredients are composed into three fragrance layers, the so-called notes. The head note appears first, containing the most intense, yet fleeting, fragrances. After a few minutes, the heart note disappears with softer chords. The richest, most complex part of the composition is the base note. It appears at the very end, but lasts up to 6-8 hours. Therefore, when choosing a perfume, do not be guided by the first impression.

Perfume selection strategy

When looking for perfumes, do not pay attention to advertising and how beautiful your friend smells. The natural aroma of the skin depends on its pH, hormonal changes in the body and diet. Therefore, the same perfume on each person smells different. It is also pointless to smell the cork of a bottle or strips of paper displayed in a perfumery. Test the fragrance by spraying on your wrists or the bends of your elbows. You can also perfume your handkerchief and put it behind your bra for a few hours. This way you can check what the base note "looks like" combined with the scent of your skin.
Remember that the nose is able to distinguishonly three or four fragrances. Wait until the next day to test the next ones. Don't buy perfumes when you are tired, runny nose or take antibiotics. Then the smell of sweat changes and the perfume smells different than usual.

You must do it

Remember that …

  • Perfumes should be stored in a shaded, cool place, preferably in the original cardboard packaging.
  • After opening the bottle, you should use the perfume within a few months. If you have already opened them but don't use them often, keep them in the refrigerator. In the cold, their ingredients will not change quickly, and thus - the smell.
  • The dispenser should not be touched to the body, so as not to transfer bacteria from the skin to the bottle, because they can change the composition of the fragrance.
  • Supplement your perfumes and water with deodorants and fragrant bath cosmetics: gels, foams and creams, as well as hair mists. It is best if they are from the same fragrance line, then the fragrance sticks to the skin longer.

Short perfume course

Spray yourself where your heart rate is strongest, that is behind the ears, on the sides of the neck, between the breasts, on the inside of the wrists and in the crook of the elbows. Or you can spray the perfume in front of you and enter this fragrant mist.

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