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Water in the knee is a disease that causes characteristic symptoms: extensive swelling in the knee joint and pain. The other symptoms depend on what is causing the water pooling in the knee and exactly how much of the knee joint has been damaged.

Symptomsso-calledwater in the kneeis the most common swelling, pain and stiffness in the knee. If the water in the knee is the result of an injury, bruises may also appear.

Water in the knee - swelling

A characteristic symptom of water in the knee isswellingaround the knee joint. The accumulation of fluid within the joint, in the space limited by the joint capsule, causes the joint to swell and enlarge its contours. By touching the swollen area, you may feel as if you are touching a bag filled with water.

The swelling may be accompanied by redness and increased heat as a consequence of the inflow of blood to the swollen tissue.

Water in the knee - pain

The symptom of water in the knee is alsoknee painincreasing when you try to move or put weight on the limb. This pain usually disappears when the limb is relieved.

When the collateral ligaments are damaged, there is pressure soreness at the site of ligament attachments. If the meniscus is damaged, there is severe pain in the area of ​​the joint space. Then the joint may become blocked and you will feel the joint jumping. In turn, during damage to the cruciate ligament, a click is heard in the joint at the time of injury and the feeling of "escaping" the knee when trying to load the limb.

Water in the knee - knee stiffness

The knee stiffnessmay cause difficulties in bending and straightening the knee Then pain often also occurs. In some people, fluid may travel under the knee when trying to straighten or bend the knee.

Water in the knee - bruises

Bruisesare usually a consequence of a mechanical injury to the knee, e.g. contusions. As a result of the impact, smaller and larger blood vessels rupture. This creates a painful bruising.

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