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Identification bands in hospitals, encoding the patient's personal data, have become a reality. Thus, the wristbands placed on the wrist replaced the previously used identification cards placed at the patient's bedside.

Since the beginning of 2013, the use ofidentification bandshas become obligatory in hospitals, which encodepersonal data of patients . This is the first step to the introduction of the electronic medical documentation system on August 1, 2014. Already now, e-documentation is gradually becoming a reality in other he alth care facilities, but hospitals still have more than 1.5 years for its complete adaptation.

Why are the cards replaced with ID bands?

The introduced changes result from the amendment to the act on medical activity. This issue was also specified in a special regulation of the minister of he alth. Patients will wear identification bands with their personal data encoded on them. The hospital may also use color bands to warn about the patient's allergies or code this optional information in the so-called matrix codes. In some hospitals, barcode wristbands are not yet introduced. These institutions use the so-called analog bands (most often written with a pen).

Difficult beginnings of introducing the electronic medical documentation system

Full computerization of this venture requires the purchase of appropriate printers, readers, and specialized software - and this increases costs. In the long run, however, it seems to be the most reasonable solution, which not only facilitates work, and thus allows for savings, but also guarantees a faster admission procedure and increases patient safety.

A one-time investment in appropriate hardware and software is an expense of several thousand zlotys. However, seriously improving the operation of the hospital seems to be worth the investment of this amount. This is especially true of IT systems, which are to become a standard in every he alth care facility over time. Every year there are more companies specializing in this matter on the Polish market, and appropriate solutions are offered, among others, by CompuGroup Medical. It is worth taking a closer look at their product offer, becauseit allows you to adjust the system to the needs of a given clinic.

Why do patients need to wear identification bands?

Transferring the patient's personal data to the wristband increases their safety, because they can be quickly identified (important, for example, in the event that the patient collapses outside the ward where he should be staying). At the same time, errors in dispensing drugs or performing treatments in integrated hospital systems equipped with an integral Patient Identification module are to be eliminated. The protection of personal data also plays an important role in the entire process - publicly available identification cards broke the law and allowed third parties to view the patient's private data.

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