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The only limitation when it comes to sex during pregnancy is the well-being of the expectant mother and the proper development of the pregnancy. If you feel well and your gynecologist does not see any contraindications - do not give up pregnancy. Why? Because having sex during pregnancy has many benefits!

Pregnant sexhasmany benefitsbut not always possible. Whether a woman feels likepregnant sexdepends on the stage and course of pregnancy. The necessity to use the toilet more often, fatigue, lack of appetite, nausea and even vomiting can make her life difficult. In this state, you don't think about sex. Fortunately, the ailments pass and, despite many doubts, there is a desire to relax with a partner. The most worrying factor is whether sexual intercourse will endanger pregnancy. Women still too rarely talk about it with their gynecologists, and it happens that some doctors, for some unknown reason, advise against intercourse during this time.

Sex in pregnancy: benefits vary by trimester

  • In the first trimester, when a woman's body adapts to its new condition, she is usually tormented by unpleasant ailments. But if she does not feel them and as long as her changed figure allows it, nothing prevents her from making love in all of her favorite positions.
  • Changes in appearance are inevitable in the second trimester, but your well-being does improve. This is a good time to get carried away by your senses. Some couples find joy in intercourse in the bathtub or shower. Warm water eases tension in a man and anxiety in a woman.
  • In the third trimester, when the abdomen is clearly visible and could interfere with classic intercourse, partners look for more comfortable positions. Usually it is a posterolateral position (the woman is lying on her side and the partner behind her not only has the ability to penetrate gently, but also has easy access to very sensitive breasts). It's a spoonful position because the bodies fit together like two spoons in a drawer. In another, the partners are lying next to each other, the man on his side, the woman on his back. She puts her bent legs on his hips. their hands free - to deal with with caresses.

It is worth reaching for the latest guides on sexual techniques and inventing them for yourselfsomething that will also diversify the life later, when the child is already in the world. The third trimester ends with labor.

Until when is sex during pregnancy safe?

The answer is as long as both partners want to. There are no applicable rules. Of course, on condition that the woman has no complaints and the pregnancy is normal. In 19th-century Scandinavian literature, an old custom was noted that the spouses had to have intercourse immediately before giving birth. Meanwhile, it is only since the second half of the 20th century that it is known that there are prostaglandins in semen. These are chemical compounds that perform the functions of local hormones, which, among other things, have a relaxing effect on the cervix and are sometimes used as agents to speed up labor. So it turned out that this "compulsory" intercourse might have helped the baby come into the world more easily.

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