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I have had swollen "bags" under my eyes almost always. Recently, I have noticed that when I take my dehydration pills, the "bags" disappear and my calves become thinner. I have the tablets by chance, they were not prescribed by a doctor. I take them for a few days, then take a break for a couple of days and use them again. I feel better, lighter, but I have concerns about hurting myself. I have never had kidney problems, and my blood pressure in the period when I was not taking dehydration pills was: 140/100, 130/95, 120/80, 150/90, 128/85, 120/80. I tested the pressure on the following days at the same time in the clinic.

Hello, The description shows that you have high blood pressure - different blood pressure values ​​are normal, I suppose the lower values ​​are from the days you took your dehydration medication. Of course, you rightly suspect that you should not use a medication prescribed for another person on your own. The primary consideration with dehydrating medications is potassium. First of all, a blood test for potassium should be performed and most people take a supplement in the form of potassium preparations and periodically check the level of potassium in the blood. Edema usually indicates that there is sodium retention in the body (there are other causes for edema as well). The so-called bags under the eyes may be related to excessive sodium ion retention, sometimes due to the loss of elasticity of the connective tissue that we all experience over time. My advice would be to go to your family doctor for a blood pressure consultation. Regardless of your visit, it is advisable to eat a diet that contains as few industrially processed foods as possible and as many fruits and vegetables as possible. There is a lot of sodium in cold cuts, cheese, stock cubes, and bread. If you limit your consumption of these foods, your blood pressure will certainly be better and your symptoms will decrease. Regards, MD Krystyna Knypl

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Krystyna Knypl

Internist, hypertensiologist, editor-in-chief of "Gazeta dla Lekarzy".

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