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It is one of the most important trace elements necessary for proper cellular transformations and one of the main factors stabilizing cell membranes. Zinc deficiency causes difficulties in concentration and memory processes, decreased immunity, poor wound healing, anorexia and taste disorders, increased blood cholesterol, hypertension, prostatic hyperplasia.

Vitamins E and C

As antioxidants, they neutralize free radicals considered to be the cause of cell aging. The excessive formation of free radicals is favored by cigarette smoke, environmental pollution, a high-calorie diet and stressful situations. Deficiencies of these vitamins lead to disorders of the immune and hematopoietic systems.


Increases the resistance of tissues to damage, stimulates the body's immune system to defend itself against certain toxic substances. The correct content of selenium in the human body is essential for the proper functioning of the thyroid gland.


Participates in the metabolism of glucose, regulates the blood sugar level, because it determines the proper functioning of insulin. Chromium is especially beneficial for people with diabetes and other carbohydrate disorders.

Beta carotene

It is the primary source of vitamin A, which is involved in the process of vision, growth and metabolism. The lack or deficiency of vitamin A leads, among others, to twilight amblyopia, i.e. night blindness, epithelial keratosis, skin lesions.

B vitamins

They take part in the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and the transformation of amino acids. Vitamin B deficiency can lead to peripheral nerve inflammation, dermatitis and anemia. The increased demand for them occurs in stressful situations and with great physical exertion.

Vitamin PP

Plays an important role in various metabolic processes. Chronic deficiency causes a symptom complex called pellagra.

Pantothenic acid

It is essential for the proper biosynthesis of hormones. It is necessary for the proper metabolism of proteins, sugars and fats. Accelerates wound healing, prevents fatigue and improves the cardiovascular system,nervous and digestive, participates in tissue regeneration, improves the condition of the hair


It is necessary in all developing cells and is involved in many energetic reactions.


In the event of a deficiency, the immune system lowers its efficiency, the functioning of the nervous system is disturbed, the deficiency can cause hypertension and prevents the production of melanin in the hair and skin pigment.

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