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Bronzer, or bronzing powder, is the fastest and he althiest way to add some color and glow to your complexion. The bronzer does not dry out like a self-tanner, and any mistakes in its application can be corrected immediately. Read how to apply bronzer to make your tan look natural and find out which cosmetic to choose!


  1. Bronzer: which one to choose?
  2. Bronzer: how to choose it for your skin type?
  3. Bronzer: how to apply it?

Bronzer , which is a bronzing powder and cream, imitates a tan and allows you to improve the contour of the face. The bronzer, unlike a self-tanner, is safe to use. Properly applied, it does not leave streaks, but only emphasizes the skin tone.

Bronzer makeup is an alternative for people who want to enjoy a tan every day, avoid strong sun or want to hide facial flaws. The bronzer shade darker than the skin creates a shadow that "hides" the oversized nose and slims the cheeks.

Bronzer: which one to choose?

The most common mistakes are bronzer too orange or too shiny, and the lack of moderation in its application. The cosmetic must be selected for the skin type and complexion.

Powder bronzers apply with a medium soft brush, and cream bronzers - with your fingers or a foundation sponge.

If you have normal, combination or oily skin types, a pressed, gel or liquid bronzer is the best option. For dry skin, choose a cosmetic with a creamy texture or a cream that changes into a powder on the skin. But the easiest to apply is Pressed Bronzing Powder.

Choose a cosmetic in a color that is a shade or two darker than your complexion. A darker one will look unnatural. If your skin is very fair, it is possible that a regular powder that is darker than your complexion will give you the best results, not a special bronzing powder.

Bronzer: how to choose it for your skin type?

To choose the right shade, you need to know the tone of your complexion: - warm, cold or neutral. Most bronzing powders have a golden brown shade to suit a warm complexion.

If you have a cold or neutral complexion, finding a matching bronzer is more difficult. Look for a cosmetic in shades of cold beige, brown with a pinkish undertone.

Most bronzing powders have them in themshiny particles. They can be useful in the evening or when your skin is dry or normal.

In contrast, a matte bronzer will be better when your skin is oily or combination, you have wrinkles or you want to look natural (a real tan does not shine).

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Bronzer: how to apply it?

Bronzer is applied with a large, oblique brush with dense, delicate bristles. Under no circumstances should you use the same tool as you apply the highlighter and blush.

The bronzing powder leaves streaks on the face, therefore its application requires care to make the face radiant and rejuvenated, and not to look artificial. Also remember to apply the bronzer only once during your morning makeup. Do not use it to refresh your makeup during the day as you can get a mask effect.

We apply bronzer in different ways depending on the shape of the face.

  • Round face- apply bronzer from the middle of the ear towards the mouth through the center of the cheek - this way you will make your face slimmer. Additionally, you can brush the bottom of the cheeks and temples with the brush.
  • Square face- brush only the corners of the forehead and the sides of the cheeks with the bronzer, lightly touching the cheekbones. This way you will soften sharp scratches.
  • Triangular face- apply bronzer to the tip of the chin, temples and cheekbones.
  • Oblong face- apply bronzer to the chin, thanks to which you will optically shorten the face, as well as on the sides of the forehead and temples, thanks to which your face will take on a more regular shape.
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