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Don't you want everyone to know it was a sleepless night? You will manage to keep it a secret if you follow some proven tricks. Make-up, which is to hide the tiredness on the face, should be precisely made and kept in natural colors. Learn the secrets of masking makeup.

After a heavy night or party until dawn, the face looks extremely unattractive. Swollen eyelids, bloodshot eyes, swollen lips, pale or unnaturally red skin of the face - these defects are the most difficult to cover up with makeup. Covering make-up is a real magic trick, it should be done in such a way as to hide imperfections and give tired skin a fresh look. How to do it? It is best to follow strict rulesmasking makeup . The secrets of such make-up were revealed to us by Monika Wątorek, Astor brand stylist, head of the Coty Polska make-up team.

Start your day in an unusual way - before you reach forcosmetics , drop the drops contracting blood vessels into your eyes, and if you feel that the conjunctiva is dry, you can use 'artificial tears' . Now reach for the mask - you can choose between relaxing and lifting - both will restore dull skin glow and proper hydration. Then, step by step, proceed to themasking makeup .

Makeup masking fatigue should be pastel

Pale, tired complexion-refresh and enliven it with a pinkish foundation. Even if you don't usually pink your cheeks, do it now. The blush is refreshing and "cheering up". Remember, however, that it should be matte and really in a shade of pink or rosewood. Spread it gently and evenly, without clear borders, both on the cheekbones and on the edge of the chin, forehead and at the base of the hair.

According to an expertMonika Wątorek, make-up artist for the Astor brand

On such a day, focus on precision. This is not the time for strong, intense colors. Yellows and browns are also not advisable. A dull complexion and dark circles under the eyes are best hidden by delicate pastels. The most important thing is to regenerate your strength as soon as possible. Nothing is so good for your beauty as relaxation. Refill your minerals, drink plenty of water, add an aromatherapy bath, and sleep off your late night.

Dark circles under the eyes

You will need a good one to cover them upconcealer, preferably in a liquid and a shade lighter than the foundation you use. The concealer, however, should not be much brighter, because then it will look unnatural. Apply a small amount around your eye and gently pat in just like you do with eye creams. If the shadows are very clear and cannot be masked in this way, you can also apply a little foundation beforehand. However, be careful with the dosage of cosmetics - if you overdo it, it will only make matters worse. And one more thing, there is the "foundation plus concealer" method, unfortunately it is only intended for women who have perfect, wrinkle-free skin around the eyes.

Red eyes

The black crayon will only highlight this problem, so save it for another occasion. The most effective way to neutralize irritated conjunctiva and bloodshot eyes is by painting a light (e.g. cream or white pencil) line on the inner edge of the lower eyelid. A delicate beige, transparent or gray smoky shade will also help you distract from tired eyes.


Give up clear reds, dark browns or purples and go for a fresh, natural look of your lips. Light colors of vitamin lipsticks or calm, pastel lip glosses will be the best.

How to cover up a sleepless night with makeup?

Source: Dzień Dobry TVN / x-news

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