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Grażyna Torbicka does not adhere to diets, does not torture herself in the gym, and devotes little time to beauty care. What is the secret of Grażyna Torbicka? The secret of her good looks and he alth is a positive approach to life.

- A recipe for youth? - wondersGrażyna Torbicka . - I only have one answer - optimism. Nothing else affects our well-being than finding the good side of each problem. It is difficult, but it is really possible. It helps me. I do not want to say here, of course, that I am an incurable optimist, but I am always looking for positives in life. I have a kind attitude towards the world and I look for what is best in people. I believe that we are good by nature and that each period of our life can be fascinating. I inherited this philosophy of life from my mother and father. Besides, I have a husband, a doctor, and I know how many people are struggling with such real, serious suffering. So ifhe althis good for us, then other things are really not important.

Grażyna Torbicka: long walks and the same cream

I owe my dad something else - a slim figure. I never had to care too much for her. I don't have to now either. This means that, unfortunately, I rarely exercise, although I should do it regularly, regardless of my body shape. I don't set myself any murderous training goals, I've never been to a fitness club. Which of course doesn't mean I don't think you should go there. For now, long family walks or those with my pooch are enough for me. In winter, of course, I go skiing, in summer - if there is an opportunity - I swim, but I do not do it either programmatically or competitively, in order to keep my body slim at all costs. I also don't have any special cosmetics that miraculously rejuvenate. I have been using the same cream for years - Nivea Soft - and I feel comfortable with it.

I like good food. In the past, I did not think about what and how I eat. Now a little more, but only in those aspects that I have already mentioned: good he alth and… taste. I have never followed a special diet, I do not recognize them. Apart from the one that can most generally be called Mediterranean. Lots of fruit and even more vegetables - that's my secret. However, because I am aware that it is more and more difficult to maintain an appropriate weight in the following stages of my life, I try to eat rationally. I do not applyon a plate of tiny amounts, but I don't overeat.

Grażyna Torbicka: enjoy life, taste it …

Many women open the refrigerator when stressed - luckily, I'm not one of them. My stomach is tight when I get nervous. Candy? They are also not a cure for my sorrows. I do not use them very often, because I simply do not like them. Well, unless it's my beloved chocolate ice cream! The fact is, because of my job, I am in control of my weight. I eat half a serving of dessert, not three. Of course, there are minor exceptions to this rule. Late suppers with my husband, consisting of delicious Italian paste and good wine? Naturally! I cannot imagine my life without them. I'm just trying to make sure they don't come every evening. Anyway, then they would cease to be so festive. And this is the optimism I was talking about: a man should provide himself with all the little pleasures he wants. Enjoy life, taste it in every aspect …


Grażyna Torbicka

»TV journalist associated with TVP2.
» She made her debut on the glass screen 27 years ago in the program "Sportowa Niedziela".
»In 2005 she was awarded the Silver Medal for Merit to Culture - Gloria Artis. , and in 2013 with the Knight's Cross of the Order of Polonia Restituta.
»Since 2007, he has also been the artistic director of the TWO RIVERSIDES Film and Art Festival in Kazimierz Dolny.

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