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The well-known photographer, presenter and model Lidia Popiel talks about her recipe for he alth and beauty, spiritual development and the satisfaction of an interesting job.

- Taking care of myself, my he alth is not a problem for me, I do not spend too much time on it, it is completely natural for me - saysLidia Popiel .

First of all, I try to eat he althy. However, everything within reason. To an outsider, what I eat may seem like some kind of "hardcore" diet, and to me it's natural. I eat what I like, what I like, but in small amounts, and not because I care about my diet, but because I like it and need it that much. I try to avoid products that contain chemicals, because my body does not want it and then categorically says "no" and refuses to cooperate.

Lidia Popiel: vegetables and pilates

In the kitchen I can't do without fresh and… tasty products. I like good food. That is why I carefully look at the labels, I do not buy vegetables and fruit from other climatic zones, which have to travel thousands of kilometers to reach our tables. I know that they are packed with chemicals so that they won't break down, so I give up on them. My diet is based primarily on plants and meat. I love vegetables and good meat, preferably medium rare, and good cheeses. I am annoyed by tasteless vegetables, especially tomatoes, which do not resemble the real ones we remember from childhood. That's why this year I'm going to grow my own tomatoes in pots.

I try to keep fit, especially by practicing pilates. This form of exercise suits me, because I don't like murderous workouts that make you sweat. I feel light and good after exercising, as well as after cycling and long walks. I choose what suits me because I feel intuitively that it is good for me and my body. I do not force myself to fashionable exercises or sports. Nothing by force.

Lidia Popiel: an interesting job and an hour of solitude

The most important recipe for he alth, beauty and cheerfulness is for me to do what I like, which gives me satisfaction and makes me develop, learn and learn something. It is worth spending some time every day and doing something for your own intellectual development, reading a good book, watching a wise oneprogram on TV or listen to a conversation with an artist who has something interesting to say. Every day I try to find such a moment for myself, to have an hour of solitude, although I also like social meetings and having fun.
Interesting work, in which we constantly learn something and which forces us to be active both intellectually and physically, is as important as taking care of our appearance and beauty. find something good and beautiful every day.

Lidia Popiel

» TV presenter, photographer, model.
»private wife of Bogusław Linda, mother of Aleksandra
» 52 years

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