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When going to the first pool with your baby, you should remember a few important things. Theoretically, an infant can be taught to swim from the second month of life. However, pediatricians advise to wait until the fourth or fifth month of visiting the swimming pool. It is best to start the classes in the swimming pool in the summer, because then there is less risk that the baby will catch a cold after swimming.

Not everyswimming poolis suitable for babies. There are several criteria for evaluation: the idealswimming poolshould be clean, with water at a temperature of 36ºC and a gentle descent into the water. The staff should make sure that the guests are taking a shower (or going through the sluice with a disinfectant) and that they are wearing caps. The swimming pool changing room should be warm, there should be no drafts, there must be changing tables and plenty of space to put your stuff out. Before you go withchild , visit the swimming pool by yourself and check if it is suitable. Ask if the pool offers activities for babies - if so, it probably meets the criteria mentioned above as well.

The best way to get the child to use the water in the pool is slowly

He will probably like the new game, but if, for example, he is teething, water can be a source of stress and bad associations. Therefore, choose the day of your pool debut well. The baby should be fed (if you are artificially fed, it must be done at least half an hour before getting into the water). When it is cold in the locker room, undress your child in the swimming pool. If your child feels like a fish in water in the pool, think about organized activities. They have the advantage that an experienced instructor will show you how to keep your baby in the water and how to play with him, so as not to accidentally hurt him. However, swimming schools require a certificate from the pediatrician that there are no contraindications for the classes.

Little swimmer must wear a diaper to swim in the pool

Normal ones must not be used because they leak in the water. For the toddler, you also need to pack: a cloth baby hat (if required), a few bath toys, a large towel, cosmetics to lubricate the skin after leaving the water, a change of clothes and nappy, and something to eat and drink. At the pool, a car seat is also useful, in which you can put the already dressed toddler. You will definitely need a bathrobe (before you dry itand you dress the baby, it will take some time, and in a wet suit you will be cold) and a hair dryer - you will not have to wait to use the pool.

Make sure that the child is immersed in the pool up to the shoulder line

Thanks to this, he will not be cold and the swimming pool will not cause problems with his he alth. Water games should not last longer than half an hour. Immediately after taking it out of the water, wrap the baby in a towel. Then wash it in the shower with baby lotion and dry it thoroughly. Also, remember to dry his ears, e.g. with a tissue. It is worth instilling saline into the eyes to prevent irritation. Finally, brush the baby with lotion and dress. Before you go outside, make sure your baby has dry hair.

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