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Operations carried out by the best surgeons in Poland will be available on the new program of the educational television FOKUS TV. By-pass implantation, coronary angiography, gallbladder resection, cataract removal or laparoscopic gastric reduction - you will be able to see these and other procedures in detail in the documentary series "Operating Room".

Serial"Operating room"is being implemented at the Military Medical Institute at ul. Szaserów in Warsaw (commonly known as the "hospital in Szaserów"). Grzegorz Zasępa, one of the producers of "Sala …", emphasizes that this is the first production on Polish television that shows the course of surgical treatment in a public hospital in such a precise and realistic way. He adds that the idea of ​​the project was to fight some myths about surgical procedures.

- About half a million operations are carried out in Poland every year. A large proportion of patients who should be operated on do not do it, precisely because of the fear of operating pain and anesthesia. We hope that our series will prove to many people that the operation is a difficult, but bearable experience, and can significantly improve the comfort of future existence - says Grzegorz Zasępa.

Therefore, the "operating room" is not only a detailed treatment and surgery, but also specific human stories - we learn why the patient went to the hospital, we follow the process of diagnosis, preparation for surgery, we are in the operating room together with patient during the procedure, finally we observe the effects of treatment and the convalescence process - often, thanks to advanced surgical methods, progressing very quickly.

In the first episodes of the series we will see, among others 39-year-old Artur, who is hospitalized with a suspicion of coronary heart disease. He suffers from fainting and pressure surges after exercise. Doctors must check whether the cause of his syncope is ischemic heart disease. Arthur undergoes coronary angiography - an invasive examination involving the insertion of a special probe through the radial artery directly into the coronary vessels in the heart.

We also meet 87-year-old Jan who has advanced diseaseatherosclerosis of the coronary vessels. The only salvation for him is the implantation of by-passes and stents. Due to the patient's age, doctors decide to perform these procedures in one operation, with minimal dissection of the sternum. Such a double operation carried out by two teams of surgeons is possible thanks to one of the most modern operating theaters in Poland, the so-called hybrid hall. It is more difficult for cardiac surgeons, but much more beneficial for the patient - thanks to it, a few days after the surgery, the patient will regain full fitness.

In the next episode of "Operating Room" it will be shown - also with details! - one of the bariatric surgeries. We meet 40-year-old Arthur who is obese and undergoes a sleeve gastrectomy. During the procedure - performed using the laparoscopic method, i.e. without cutting the abdominal integuments, the surgeon removes as much as 80 percent. stomach.

Emission of the first episode of the documentary series"Operating Room": FOKUS TV, Wednesday, March 11, 9:30 p.m. .


The Military Medical Institutein Warsaw is a multi-profile hospital with the highest level of referentiality, with the largest trauma center in Poland. This means that the most severely injured victims of accidents and the most complicated cases of patients from various places in Poland are brought here. Over 3,000 people work at WIM. people who care for over 65 thousand every year patients. The uniqueness of this hospital is that its staff gained knowledge in the most famous clinics in the world. The experience of military medics gained from working in the Polish field hospital at the Ghazni base in Afghanistan is also invaluable. The skills acquired while saving the lives of the most seriously injured victims of the war make it possible to heal Poles who were injured during accidents, catastrophes and other sudden events much more effectively. The facility, commonly known as the "hospital on Szaserów Street", has been operating for over 50 years.

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