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What is the he alth condition of Polish women compared to other European women? Which diseases do we suffer from most often and why do we not always buy all the prescribed medications? The statistics are disturbing, so we have to go to preventive examinations more often and lead a he althy lifestyle.

The research carried out by the 4P research mix company in cooperation with the Lux Med group shows what we most often suffer from.Statisticsare disturbing: every fifth Polish woman admits that in the last year there was not enough money for basic he alth-related expenses, i.e. drugs andvisits to a doctor . As much as 24 percent. women over 60 are not able to take out all prescribed medications.

Why are we afraid of research?

Polish women most often see their primary care physician. In the last year, 59 percent of them came for a visit. Mr. But just over half had blood tests and even less urine. This can be justified by the general reluctance of doctors to issue referrals if there is no apparent medical reason. As much as 40 percent. during the last year, women were absent from the gynecologist. This specialist is most often visited by young women (after prescription for contraceptives) and women over 40 (the perimenopausal problems begin). The most difficult thing to persuade women over 65 to visit a gynecologist is women over 65, especially those who are uneducated and live in the countryside. According to the data of the Central Coordinating Center for the Population Early Detection Program for Breast Cancer and Cervical Cancer, only 25 percent. women aged 25-59 come for a Pap smear test (personal invitations have been sent since 2007). There are several reasons: fear of diagnosis, treatment, sharing information about a possible disease and shame! Compared to other countries, where the attendance for this research is 90%, we are at the far end of Europe. It is no better with mammography. Only one in ten Polish women performed them in the last year. Perhaps the reason for the reluctance of most Polish women to take part in research is the belief that it must be done by sick people. This is a basic mistake in thinking about preventive examinations. They should be performed by he althy people - either to make sure that nothing bad is happening or to ensure that, in the event of an unfavorable diagnosis,start treatment.

What do we get sick most often

According to Eurostat, women live he althy up to 62 years. Unfortunately, they die of cardiovascular diseases more often than other European women. Among women over 55, the number of people suffering from hypertension is growing rapidly. 8 out of 10 women over 65 have them. In total, nearly 5 million women have them. The passing of time also carries other threats. Hormonal changes occurring in the body of a woman resulting from age and not treated with appropriate therapy contribute to the fact that the risk of developing type 2 diabetes increases sharply. And then the risk of death in the event of a heart attack increases several times. Along with the termination of the ovarian function (estrogen production ceases), the concentration of cholesterol in the blood rises, which means the risk of atherosclerosis increases. For women's he alth, it is of great importance (much more than in the case of men) to maintain the highest possible level of HDL, i.e. good cholesterol. There are several ways to do this, but exercise is the cheapest and most effective. The number 2 killer is cancer. As much as 40 percent. cases are sex-related cancers. But the number of cases of malignant neoplasms of the skin, trachea, bronchi and lungs is also increasing. Although there is a downward trend, too many women in Poland still die of cervical cancer (in this respect, we are last in Europe, after Romania and Albania). sometimes we act On our own ruin Doctors are also concerned about the fact that more and more women are contracting sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV, syphilis and gonorrhea. We are the only country in Europe where cases of congenital syphilis can be observed. Women's alcoholism is a big problem - it is easier and faster than men to become addicted and more difficult to overcome. 3.4% of Polish women who abuse alcohol, but 10%. of women admit to drinking once a week. Women aged 30-39 drink the most alcohol. However, it is comforting that every fourth Polish woman retains complete abstinence. Fewer women than men quit smoking. Ladies are concerned about weight gain. Indeed, nicotine speeds up metabolism, but - as confirmed by scientific research - women have a lower tendency to gain weight after quitting smoking.

A statistical Polish woman in Europe

There are 20 million of us. On average, we live to be 79 years old, which is less than the average European (82 years). We live over 8 years longer than Poles and we are better educated than them. However, it is harder for us to find a job. Polish women give birth to fewer children than other European women and become mothers later and later (on average at the age of 25.6). Despite the low fertility rate, the employment rate of women in Poland (51.5%) is one of the lowestin the EU (average 62.5%).

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