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Staphylococci commonly live in the surrounding environment. These are bacteria whose name comes from the fact that when attacking the human body, they gather in characteristic groups. How can you get infected with staphylococcus?

Staphylococciare gram-positive bacteria. They attack both humans and animals. Many people, even unknowingly, are their carriers. Staphylococci are very resistant to e.g. temperature, they have also learned to be resistant to most of the antibiotics used in their treatment.

How do you get infected with staphylococcus?

This bacterium spreads both through droplets, direct contact, food and everyday objects. Staphylococci live in water, soil, and easily enter the human body, e.g. through minor wounds and blood.

Who is most at risk?

People with lowered immunity are most susceptible to infection with staphylococcus bacteria. That is why staphylococci often attack infants, pregnant and nursing mothers, people with cancer or diabetes, and the elderly.

How to avoid staphylococcal infection?

The most important thing is to strengthen the body's immunity so that the immune system can deal with bacteria on its own. It is equally important to wash your hands, not to store used tissues, and to avoid people who sneeze or have a cough. It is worth paying attention to all cuts and wounds, disinfecting them and dressing them properly. Unfortunately, the risk of contracting staphylococcus exists during every visit to the hospital, even the one related to the visit of the sick person.

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