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What should I do if I have a 4 cm cyst on my ovary and have been prescribed birth control pills. I was supposed to start taking them on the day of the expected menstruation, but I didn't get it. The ovary with the cyst, I admit, I feel pain sometimes, such a stinging, pressure - feeling as if it was tearing me apart. I am worried then, because I would like to heal myself, and here the body is playing tricks. Very, very, very delicate pink, mucous spots appeared 3-4 days before the expected menstruation, but they have passed (does this have something to do with a cyst or menstruation?). My period is now 15 days late, I impressed me with a pregnancy test on the 5th day of the expected menstruation and on the 14th day - it turned out negative. I have always menstruated regularly, i.e. the cycle of 26-32 days, but always within the time limits. I have an appointment only in two weeks - such dates. I have to wait until then? Date privately? Is missing a period dangerous, should I have any reason to worry? Can I rule out pregnancy? Could Cyst Be The Cause Of Cycle Irregularity? Please help.

You haven't described exactly what a cyst is. It is difficult to give a precise answer. Most often, cysts in young women are functional and if they do not cause pain, they do not require treatment, but observation, because they usually disappear by themselves. The use of hormonal contraception in their treatment is not justified and is not recommended in the case of acute or persistent chronic pain, it is necessary to use PK laparoscopy.

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Dr. Piotr Kolczewski

In 2010-2014, the head of the Gynecology and Obstetrics Ward at the 109 Military Hospital in Szczecin. Currently, he works at the Department of Surgical and Oncological Gynecology of the Pomeranian Medical University in Szczecin and is a consultant at a private surgery center, Artmedical Center in Szczecin. For over 20 years he has been dealing with surgical treatment in the field of broadly understood surgical gynecology - pelvic floor reconstructive surgery, urogynecology, oncological gynecology and plastic gynecology. He is a member of international scientific societies thematically related to reconstructive and plastic surgeries in gynecologyand urogynecology (International Uroginecological Association, International Continence Society, Polish Society of Plastic Gynecology).

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